Where Do Writers Write? Top 10 Local Places To Go For Writing Inspiration

It can be difficult for people to work from home. Sometimes, the best way to avoid the stress that comes with working at the same old place is to simply change the scenery. This happens to authors more often than you think. Writing in a new place can spark creativity routine and help clear writer's block.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 local places to go for writing inspiration, we will also let you in on a few famous writers that also enjoy these spaces so you can rest assured you'll be in good company.

Where Do Writers Write? Top 10 Local Places To Go For Writing Inspiration

10 Best Local Places To Go For Writing Inspiration

Botanical Gardens 

Botanical Gardens

Having the greenery, the flutter of butterfly wings, the scent of herbs, and the fresh air all around you will boost your mood and creativity.

A botanical garden might just be the thing you need to get inspired if there is one in your city. No matter what the season, botanical gardens are a great place to visit. During the summer, the plants create a cool shade while in winter it provides a cozy, spring-like feel.

The one caveat is that there is no power outlet. So, if you choose a botanical garden as your writing inspiration haven be sure to fully charge your laptop beforehand or walk with a portable charger. 

Fun Fact: Oliver Sacks, a science writer, spent hours at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, through whose alleyways some people have also walked. Brooklyn Botanical Garden is one of the greatest writing spots in the world.

University Campus

University Campus

The beauty and well-kept grounds of college campuses are not just for students.

There is one thing that large public parks and university campuses have in common, which is they have a lot of open space. The main difference is that university campuses also offer a lot of space that is designed for focusing on coursework and learning - which is just what you need to get some writing done.

With shaded areas, water fountains, and tables and benches, college campuses are great spaces that combine the best aspects of offices and parks. You'll likely find a great spot to work as well as a charging station and free Wi-Fi.

Public Park

Public Park

A public park is an excellent alternative if you don't have access to a botanical garden or a university campus in your city. With the open sky, plants, birds, and fresh air all around, the park provides a soul-stirring experience.

Generally, public parks are noisier and busier than botanical gardens, but that can also be an advantage if you like to type away to the sound of children. A public park may not have comfortable seating, so prepare yourself with a camping chair or a picnic blanket for a more comfortable work-in-nature session.

Local Library 

Local Library

There is a deep connection between being surrounded by books and feeling inspired - a library is a perfect place for it. Due to the constant state of quietness, the presence of many focused minds, and the smell of books, these public spaces are ideal workspaces for writers.

Between the aroma of thousands of books - the dust particles and the rich, lush information contained within, you'll not find a better place to work if you encounter a stumbling block in your research! The only downside of working in a library is that there is often no food or drink. So, be sure to grab a power snack before then treat yourself with a mug of coffee after.

Art Gallery or a Museum

Art Gallery Or A Museum

You can get inspired to write without necessarily reading - art inspires art. You can find a lot of inspiration for your writing by being surrounded by ancient relics, emotional music, impressive sculptures, or even beautiful paintings.

So why not type away in the quiet, thought-provoking atmosphere of a museum or an art gallery?

Let the high culture of your surroundings influence your work. Soak in the history and art around you.

It is not uncommon for museums and art galleries to have Wi-Fi and comfortable seating, and the staff is generally tolerant of visitors loitering. You are welcome to stay as long as you like (or until closing time).

On a Train 

On A Train

It doesn't matter if you're actually traveling or just enjoying the scenery passing by; a train ride is an irresistibly inspiring environment to get some creative writing done.

It is typically great for writers to take long train rides. Many trains have a bathroom, Wi-Fi (though often somewhat unstable), electric outlets, and even comfortable seating with tables. There's just something mesmerizing about the clickety-clack of the train tracks - it's perfect background noise for getting focused on the work at hand.

Fun Fact: When you mention train, one author immediately comes to mind: J.K. Rowling. While traveling from Manchester to London King's Cross in 1990, she first had the idea for Harry Potter while on a delayed train.  

The Riverside

Cities built around rivers are usually famous, and for good reason. In addition to providing food and transportation, these large bodies of water are a wonderful place to hang out, be inspired, and write. These waterways may also have many stories to tell since they have played an important role in the city's centuries-old history.

Water flowing next to you and gulls flying by can be truly relaxing, so why not channel that energy into an inspired writing session.

Sitting on a bench on the quay or using a tree root as your seating on the riverbank, the riverside can make for a perfect, inspirational writing environment.

Remember to bring an anti-bug spray since watery environments are full of tiny creatures.

Poolside Bar

I personally wouldn't recommend working on a beach because of all the sand that can get into the cracks of the laptop exhaust fan (not to mention the other cracks). However, if you have access to a pool, that spot is fair game!

Working near the pool is the perfect middle ground between sitting in the sun and working without getting your laptop dirty with sand.

When you decide to cool off in the water, getting a seat at the poolside bar will provide you with a comfortable position, a cool drink, and a clean place to keep your stuff.

Coffee Shop

During your next writing session, would you like to emulate F Scott Fitzgerald, TS Elliot, or Franz Kafka? These literary giants penned their most memorable lines while sitting under an awning in a coffee shop.

There is something special about the coffee shop environment that lets your creative mind run wild. Apart from a steady supply of caffeine, coffee shops also offer snacks, refreshing juices, electric power for your laptop, and Wi-Fi - what else could you possibly need?

The chatter around writers can be treated as background noise. Some people enjoy it so much that they play the sounds of the coffee shop at home while they work.

If you find it difficult to concentrate on work when people are talking, and music is playing around you, noise-canceling headphones might be a good idea.

Fun Fact: Authors like Ernest Hemingway, J.K Rowling, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Malcolm Gladwell all share their love for a coffee shop. You can say that they did their best work at a coffee shop.

Shopping Mall

People-watching is not only enjoyable. It can provide you with the inspiration to create believable, creative characters for your writing projects. Even if you're not a fiction writer, a shopping mall might be a great place to set up your own metaphorical shop and do some work.

Malls usually have rest areas with power outlets, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and comfortable seats. Those are the perfect places to write. In a shopping mall, you're surrounded by bustling shops and chatter, and the bright overhead lights won't let you snooze away. You can also find cozy cafes where you can write while enjoying a snack.

Inspiring Places Around The World For Writers

If you have the ability to travel, then here are some amazingly beautiful cities to plan your next writing retreat for inspiration.

Birmingham, England

Many of the most famous writers in history have walked in the streets of Birmingham. It is hard not to feel inspired when walking where legends once walked. 

Fun Fact: Tolkien spent some of his best years in Sarehole Mill, and if you're looking for that classic city feel, then you'll enjoy it too.

History abounds in the area, and it is one of the most beautiful places to experience the past for writers. Think brick buildings and cobblestone streets that will transport you back to a time when Sherlock used to roam the streets.

Havana, Cuba

Havana should be on your list of destinations if you are looking for culture. The hot temperatures are matched by fiery locals and a party atmosphere unlike anywhere else on earth. 

You are sure to be inspired by the colors and sights. Enjoy a cool drink at one of the many cafes at the end of the day.

Portland, Oregon

The Big Apple is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of America, but the country has so much more to offer.

Portland, for example, is the perfect setting for Hallmark romance novels. The city has it all, from lush green landscapes, the snow-capped mountains in the distance, to just the amazing coffee.

With the sights all around and the friendly people, one cannot help but fall in love with the city. Be Inspired!