12 US Book Marketing Services For Authors

Have you finished writing and publishing your book? It is time to generate sales so you can have more people reading it. When more people read your book, you stand the benefit of generating good reviews, thus a chance of becoming a bestseller. If you are unsure where to start, here are the best 12 US book marketing services for authors in 2022.

12 Us Book Marketing Services For Authors

1. Black Chateau Enterprises

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Black Chateau is an award-winning public relations (PR) and marketing agency based in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The enterprise was founded by Desireé Duffy, who leads two other book marketing companies; Books That Make You and The Bookfest. 

Some notable authors who have marketed their work with the Black Chateau Enterprise include Emiliano Forino Procacci, Deborah M. Pratt, Nora Novak, and Robert Yehling. The company offers marketing services for fiction and non-fiction books, press releases, book trailers, online publicity, and content marketing. 

If you want to market your book through Black Chateau, you will join their Author Network, a combination of services to help drive sales once your book hits the market. If you have already published and marketed your book, but it didn’t sell well, the Author Network services can also be customized to suit your marketing needs.

Black Chateau offers four marketing and PR packages you can choose from, including: 

  1. Economical Author Network Access at $1400/month. This 6-month retainer package is the most economical from the company and ideal for new authors. This package allows you to start marketing book launch months before. Additionally, you will also get media coaching, book reviews, email marketing, B2B promotions, and more. 
  2. Premium Author Network Services. The $2400/month package is ideal for all authors looking fr more than just sales. The package includes every service in the Economical package, plus more PR and SEO services. In addition, you will also get amplified book reviews and invitations to speak at book events. It is also a six-month retainer package.
  3. The Deluxe package. This eight-month retainer $4800/month package combines all services from the Premium package, plus more advanced brand strategy and media coaching services, custom advertising campaigns, and custom media speaking opportunities. 
  4. The VIP package. This ten-month retainer $6000/month package offers every service in the Deluxe package. In addition, you also get self-publishing and social media support and editing services. 
  5. The Couture package. If you want more than the four packages can offer your project, the $10000/month retainer package may be ideal for you. This package allows you to get customized author services from the company.

2. Smith publicity

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Smith Publicity is a prolific book and author marketing agency based in New Jersey. The company was founded in 1997 by Dan Smith and has since become one of the most reputable marketing companies in the country. The company has worked with many authors and helped them become bestsellers in their respective genres.

As a company dedicated to making books and authors newsworthy, they promise to drive book sales, build powerful author brands, and help authors find more business opportunities through TV, radio, and other public speaking opportunities. The company is ideal for all genres of writing and also supports self-publishing authors. 

If you would like to outsource marketing services from this company, you can contact them through their online contact form or email, where they will devise a good marketing plan for your book or brand. 

3. JKS Communications

If you are unsure where to start after writing your manuscript, JKS Communications is the company to turn to. The company offers book publishing and marketing services, and they will also help you build a powerful author brand. 

The marketing firm is headquartered in Tennessee but has other offices around the country, including New York City, New Orleans, and Chicago. The firm will help you with book and author marketing by: 

  • Enabling media placement. This service includes coordinating your book interviews, reviews, and reading lists with media channels like print, TVs, podcasts, and radio
  • Giving your work industry exposure, including reaching out to librarians and bookstores around the country
  • Creating powerful digital marketing to boost traffic to your book website, social media profiles, and book purchase pages
  • Managing your social media campaigns to strengthen your brand name and increase book sales.

If your book is not already published, the company’s Books Fluent services will help you self-publish in lesser time. They will help with copyediting, book design and layout, publishing, and eventual distribution. 

4. Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc


Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc is a New York City-based PR firm that will help you promote your book far and wide. Founded in 1980, the firm is renowned for promoting best-selling authors such as Sandra Brown, Spencer Johnson, and Charles Schwab, among many more. 

The form will customize your ideal book and brand marketing solutions tailored to your budget and goals. This marketing firm will offer strategic planning, brand positioning, press kits, online campaigns, TV, radio, podcast interviews, and media training, among other services. 

The company promotes all genres, including children’s books, fiction and non-fiction novels, biographies, current event projects, and culture books. 

5. Kelly & Hall 


Kelly and Hall is a Boston-based book publicity and marketing firm. They are dedicated to helping authors like you promote their work, thus building powerful brands. The company has worked with many established authors, including Beth Merlin, Laura Kasischke, Lisa Genova, Jacquelyn Mitchard, and Brunonia Barry.

The company offers consulting services and book promotion services through targeted media and online outreach, social media planning, strategy development, and custom press kit development. You can reach out to them to get pricing details.

6. MindStir Media

This New Hampshire-headquartered company also has offices in Los Angeles, California. MindStir Media is a book publishing company that has won numerous awards and was featured on Fox, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and other reputable channels.

The company can help you through your book publishing journey and is ideal for new and experienced authors looking for better marketing and PR to drive book sales. They offer various marketing services in different plans, such as a 3-month book PR campaign that can get your work featured on NBC, CBS, and FOX websites. In addition, they will source interview channels where you can promote your book and brand. 

Finally, the company will also help you become a best-selling author on Amazon on Wall Street Journal and offer affordable marketing packages backed by popular personalities like Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and actresses and authors Tori Spelling and Mariel Hemingway. You can visit the company’s marketing & PR page to learn more about their services and packages. 

7. Wildbound Literary PR

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Wilbound Literary PR is a Los Angeles-based marketing firm ideal for new and established authors. This company is renowned for using traditional PR strategies to drive sales and contemporary strategies such as social media marketing and video production to build your brand. 

This public relations firm works with traditionally published and self-published authors and will market books of any genre. Some of their best marketing services include book tours, social media marketing, author website designs, and press campaigns. 

8. Greenleaf Book Group

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The Greenleaf Book Group is a Texas-based book publishing company that will also help you market your book and brand. The company divides its book marketing strategy into five key areas; brand and audience building, genre marketing, online marketing, demand generation through supply chain marketing, and digital media marketing.

In addition, the publishing firm will devise a book searchability and discoverability strategy, book endorsement outreach, Amazon optimization, and even e-book marketing, among other services.

9. Author Marketing Experts (AME)

This San Diego-based book marketing company was founded in 2000 by best-selling author Penny Sansevieri. The company helps market traditionally published and self-published authors of all genres. AME has worked with best-selling authors like Guy Kawasaki and Jenny Hale among their long list of clients.

Author Marketing Experts collaborate with authors to devise the best marketing strategy for their projects and goals. However, the company stays true to its promise of driving your book sales on Amazon and other platforms while growing your author brand for more business opportunities.

10. Manhattan Book Group

This New York-based book publishing company is ideal for book and author marketing services. The company works with self-published and traditionally published authors looking to drive their book sales.

Unlike other marketing services companies for authors, the Manhattan Book Group allows authors to purchase various author programs and other promotional packages to leverage the company’s Best Seller campaign.

11. BookSavvy Public Relations


 BookSavvy Public Relations is a book marketing company designed to market authors and books from different genres. The company was founded by PR specialist Sharon Bailly and has since helped many self-published and traditionally published authors gain international success and bestseller statuses. 

The company offers launch campaigns, social media marketing, access to media coverage, website actualization, and public speaking engagements for authors, among other services. Some internationally successful authors who’ve been marketed by BookSavvy PR include Melanie Merriman, Dennis Rosen, Joe Burgo, Alden Jones, Arne Weingart, and Alexis Rankin Popik, among many others.

12. Written Word Media

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Written World Media is a North Carolina-based book and author marketing company that targets self-published authors looking to sell more books. The company has five independent websites that market different books to their respective audiences. The company promises to help you gain good book reviews, climb bestseller rankings, generate a fanbase, and save money.

As mentioned, the company uses five websites to promote your work. These are;

  1. Freebooksy. The site is designed to promote all your free books regardless of genre.
  2. Bargain Booksy. The site promotes books priced below $4.99.
  3. Red Feather Romance is a site designed to promote steamy contemporary romance books.
  4. NewInBooks is another of the company’s websites that promotes books published in the last four months. You can also use the site to publish an old book that you published under a new format in the last four months.
  5. Audio Thicket promotes all audiobooks on different platforms such as Audible, Audiobooks.com, Apple, etc.