What Is Freebooksy For Authors? Everything You Need To Know

Getting one's work seen and read by people can be hard especially for new authors. The competition has become really fierce especially with the proliferation of self-published eBooks. New works come out every day and it is so easy to get lost in the sea of new titles.

To build a fanbase and gain good reviews, some novice authors offer their works for free on various platforms. However, this is not enough. To gain more followers, you may need to showcase your work through eBook promotion websites like Freebooksy.

What Is Freebooksy For Authors? Everything You Need To Know

What exactly is Freebooksy?

Freebooksy is an online platform that aims to help readers find free eBooks. This website enables readers to download good reads for free or at a discounted price. One of the benefits of going to Freebooksy is they upload at least one book per day. If you are a voracious reader, this website will be able to keep up with your reading needs.

The website also offers books from different genres. So, whether you love romantic stories or paranormal fiction, you’d be able to find something to read on Freebooksy. You can even find non-fiction books here. If you are into gardening, wrestling, personal finance, and more, you’d find something of interest in their collection.

They provide books that are compatible with different readers. You will be able to download a book to read on your Kindle reader or app, Nook, Apple iBooks, or Kobo. You can fill up your entire digital library with quality eBooks if you sign up for their newsletter.

How can Freebooksy help authors?

Freebooksy wasn’t just created to help readers. It also offers marketing services for self-published authors. It offers a few ways to help authors and their publishers promote and sell their books.

Getting your name and title out there is difficult especially now that there are so many people publishing their works on Kindle and other self-publishing portals. The competition is fierce no matter what genre you are exploring.

That is why it is ideal for new authors to avail themselves of the different services that Freebooksy has to offer:

  • newsletter placements
  • hompeage promotion
  • facebook promotion

Freebooksy Feature

Also known as a Freebooksy Promotion, this service allows authors and publishers to buy an advertising placement with the company. If you are an author with a perma-free book, then you can avail of this service and get your title promoted on their newsletter, website, and Facebook page.

Freebooksy Feature

Newsletter placement

Being featured on Freebooksy’s newsletter will get your title exposed to over 547,000 subscribers. What’s even better is that they customize the newsletter depending on the readers’ preferences. So, the people who will see your title are already interested in the genre of your work. This increases the chances of them downloading your book.

If you avail of the affordable Freebooksy promotion, your eBook will be featured on the daily newsletter that the company releases. It will show your book cover and a short description of your work. The feature will also contain the purchase link for your book.

If you published your work with KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing, you could also advertise your work at Freebooksy when you run a free Kindle eBook promotion. If you enroll in KDP Select, you can offer your work for free for five days. If you time it right, you will be able to offer your book to Freebooksy subscribers during this period.

Homepage promotion

Your book will also be highlighted on the Freebooksy website’s homepage. Just like with the newsletter, the book’s cover and short description will be posted along with the links to the book on Nook, Apple, or Kindle.

You can also put any particular label to go with your book, you can mention that in the form and the website will add that to the description. You can mention that your work is a bestseller or award-winning. Having these labels posted alongside your title will catch the attention of any reader who is on the hunt for a great read.

Your book will also appear on the list of new books under its genre. This makes it easier for selective readers who prefer a certain genre to choose your book. It will appear on the top of the page until new titles come along.

Facebook promotion

Besides their considerable newsletter subscribers, Freebooksy also has over 300,000 fans on Facebook. Part of the promotion offer is that your book will be featured on their Facebook page. They post a collage of the covers of their eBook freebies of the day.

If a reader misses the newsletter, he or she can still see your cover on the Facebook page. Plus, if your work is part of that day’s collage, Freebooksy will also tag you as the writer of the book. This will make it possible for readers to click on the link and find your social media account. From there, they can explore your other works or learn more about you and your featured title.

The great thing about being featured on social media is that not only does it advertise your work to the fans, but you also get extra free advertisement when the fan shares the post on their page. Your work can easily go viral. This will definitely boost your book’s downloads.

Eligibility for Freebooksy Promotion

Not all eBooks can be promoted on Freebooksy. There are some criteria that you must meet. First on that list is that your work must be available on the US Amazon store. You can also include links for Apple, Google Play, Nook, and Kobo if the work is free on these platforms.

The next requirement is that your book must be perma-free. They will also allow paid works to be promoted on their website as long as it is on a price promotion. So, you have to read up on how to make your work free so that you can promote it on Freebooksy.

Ebook, A Book, Charging Cable-2467267.Jpg

There are no review requirements for availing of the Freebooksy standard promotion. However, for the Series Promotions and Deal of the Day offerings, there are several editorial guidelines that you must comply with.

For example, if you want to promote a book as part of a series through the Series Promotion service, you should already have three books in that particular series available on Amazon. Additionally, the first book must be free and should have at least ten 4+ star reviews on the store.

As for the Deal of the Day, your book must be priced between 99 cents and $4.99. It should be at least a hundred pages long. Plus, it should have at least twenty 4+ star reviews on the US Amazon store.


Freebooksy is a great website for readers and authors alike. Readers get to download a ton of books for free. Authors, on the other hand, get to promote their work to a highly targeted audience. Through Freebooksy, novice authors can gain more followers and boost their reputation by gaining plenty of positive reviews.

Freebooksy can expose new authors and their works to thousands of interested readers through their newsletter, website, and social media post. Trying out Freebooksy’s promotion services may be a worthy investment for authors who want more readers to download and review their free eBooks.