Can You Put Amazon Affiliate Links In Kindle eBooks?

A special affiliate link is a link or URL that contains an affiliate ID or username. Affiliates who redirect or send their readers to the advertiser URL are tracked by the affiliate ID or username. Clickbank, ShareASale, and Amazon are the three most popular affiliate marketing networks.

Though these links can add to your author earnings, there are guidelines and terms that you will have to adhere to on both ends (Amazon KDP and Amazon Affiliate) to maintain your membership in the program. So, can you put Amazin Affiliate Links in Kindle eBooks? Let's find out.

Can You Put Amazon Affiliate Links In Kindle Ebooks?

Can You Put Amazon Affiliate Links In Kindle eBooks?

Can You Put Amazon Affiliate Links In Kindle Ebooks?

Absolutely! Since affiliate links do not violate KDP terms and conditions, you can include them in kindle eBooks.

In the kindle terms and conditions, section 5.1.2 clearly states: "You may not include advertisements or other content in any Digital Book intended to promote products or services.". In other words, affiliate links may be used, but the primary purpose is not to promote or advertise products and services. Another way to avoid spamming your readers with affiliate links is not to spam them.

What Are the Benefits of Affiliate Links in Kindle Books?

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Links In Kindle Books?

Amazon kindle is the only source of earnings for many authors and publishers. It's recommended that authors have at least 50-100 eBooks on their KDP account or even more. The list of eBooks they own is inserted on the front or the back page of all their books to promote their other eBooks. 

By putting affiliate links instead of plain links, they can easily increase their earnings. They can get affiliate commissions from the Amazon affiliate program and royalty from the sales if they do that.

What Is the Affiliate Program for Kindle Ebooks

What Is The Affiliate Program For Kindle Ebooks

Over the past few years, eBooks have come a long way. Self-publishing is becoming increasingly popular, and the market is growing at a rapid pace. This has resulted in a massive increase in demand for eBook readers through the Amazon Kindle. Kindle's rise has subsequently led to a rise in eBook Affiliate Programs. Affiliates, this could be your time to shine. 

More and more people can access their favorite reads from anywhere and at any time, which makes Kindle a huge market all its own. If you sign up for the Amazon eBook Affiliate Program, you can be a part of it as well. 

There is a different commission rate based on the type of subscription that your referral purchases on Amazon. You receive a payout of $3 for a free trial or a 6-month subscription. A 12-month paid membership will earn you $5, while a 24-month paid subscription will net you $10! I highly recommend checking this program out! The details are the program are as follows:

Amazon eBook Affiliate Program

There is no doubt that Amazon is THE most famous seller of ebooks online, and their Kindles are sold around the world. They don't specify how much you get paid for each book you sell, so I assume it's in the Kindle Device category, about 4%.

Not much profit on a $15 item, but you can earn $3 to $5 per referral to the Kindle Unlimited program. By paying a monthly fee, readers can access any ebook participating in the program (most of them do).

Upon completing a paid subscription, you will receive $5 after signing up for free.

Should Every eBook You Write Contain Affiliate Links?

Should Every Ebook You Write Contain Affiliate Links?

You will be swiping and sharing every eBook you write with every single file hosting site and document hosting site on the internet.

You'd better put in some links that can make you some money in everything you write if every piece is going to go viral and be free for everyone to get.

How Do You Put Amazon Affiliate Links In Kindle eBooks?

Writing your content in Word, then saving it as a pdf, is the easiest way I know how to do it. There you have your eBook in raw form, so anything you do there will be reflected in your ebook.

Here’s how to get it done:

  1. Once in MS Word, type the test you would like your link to say (for example "Grab a Copy Here” or “Click Here For” 
  2. Highlight the words you wrote, right-click then select “Insert Link” from the menu.
  3. Next, add the web page link you want to point to in the "Address" field.
  4. Click Apply, and you’ve got your link.

Is Affiliate Link Cloaking & URL Redirect The Same Thing? 

No, they are not! Link cloaking, as its name suggests, is the act of cloaking a link to disguise its appearance. Think of it as a way to clean up links.

In general, people do not click on overly long links. Your audience may find them difficult to trust because they appear shady.

Therefore, affiliate link cloaking improves the appearance of links on your website or in your book. Additionally, you must include disclosures for affiliate links, if you use them.

So, What Is a URL Redirect? 

URL redirection is a web server function that sends a user from one URL to another. Usually, redirects take the form of an automated redirect that uses one of a series of HTTP status codes.

Web developers have several redirect options available to them, including manual redirects, server-side scripts, HTTP 3xx series status codes, JavaScript, metatag refreshes, and frames.

URL redirects are also known as HTTP code 3xx redirects, domain redirections, URL forwarding, and domain forwarding.

Should You Cloak Or Redirect The Affiliate Links In Your eBooks?

Cloaking, and redirecting the links you use in your book is absolutely vital.

There is no way to change the redirect URL once the ebooks have been published. Months after the ebook is released, someone else may gain access to it and give it away to others. This spreads the distribution of the ebook unexpectedly at a later date.

Even though you cannot change the URL, you can change where the redirect goes if you own the domain that houses the redirect. You will lose your affiliate links if the affiliate program changes its URL for the direct affiliate links in the ebook (uncloaked). 

If you opted not to, how would you add a new link if the affiliate program stopped paying you or closed down? You should always strive to control what content the links in your books point to.

What If I Don’t Want To Use An Affiliate Link? How do I get the "Clean" Link for My Book on Amazon?

There will be times when you won’t be able to share your affiliate links. In fact, most times you share, promote, or link to your book, you will need to share a clean link. So, how do you get one?

To get your "Clean" link, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Kindle Direct Publishing account (
  2. Click Bookshelf
  3. Select "View on Amazon" next to the book you wish to share
  4. Select the Amazon Marketplace to share (Ex. US, CA)
  5. Copy the URL from this page. That is your "Clean" link.


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