Can I Capture Email Address when I Make a Book Sale on Amazon?

Can I Capture Email Address When I Make A Book Sale On Amazon?

So, you have published your book and you have started making sales, congratulations!

Now, how are you going to capture those buyers' email addresses so that you can market to them later?

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Can you capture buyer's email address when you make a book sale on Amazon?

The answer is NO.


There are no current options to do this natively on Amazon.


This means we need to use another method, and if we want to be able to capture the customers' emails and get them coming back for future releases!

Amazon wants to keep all of its customers on the Amazon site and not allow them to leave, there is no benefit to Amazon if they leave!

They don't want you to be able to capture any customer's information except for their basic information. And when I say basic I mean the date of purchase.

The closest you can get to learning more about your reader is if they leave you a book review.

So what do you do instead?

When formatting your book, you need to include a copyright page. But don't make it the standard copyright page, in fact, make it one of the most important pages in your book.

You need to include a link back to your mailing list or website that allows them to contact your and input their email address. You must get them on this marketing list!

There are no rules against this practice and this is very common. I do this with all of my books and my readers who are interested in either learning more about me or buying my other books find me just fine!

Another method is to include your other titles on the back page (not the back cover). You can be as creative as you like here.

I often put the covers of my previous books on this page with links back to my site and a short author bio as well as a picture of me.

You can link them to your website or direct them to sign up for your mailing list, which I do in the back of each book that I have published thus far!

Now you can increase your mailing list, engage more readers and promote future books!

It is that simple!