Who Was The Youngest Person To Publish A Book?

Being an author at a young age is something rarely seen in today’s society. Nevertheless, young writers who succeeded early in their careers are not unheard of.

With proper guidance and unwavering support, your child can publish a book and become successful even before turning 18. 

For the many parents I speak to who wonder whether their child could become a published author; this post will be very inspiring. And other posts such as 'Can A Child Write A Book (And Get It Published?)', 'My Child Wants To Be An Author: How To Make Their Dreams Come True!' and '15 Tips For Writing Your First Children’s Book' will have you and your little prodigy well on their way to publishing their first book!

In this post, I am going to talk about 5 of some of the worlds youngest authors as well as the youngest person to publish a book - prepare to be amazed!

Who Was The Youngest Person To Publish A Book?

Are Children Ready For Authorship? 

According to PBS, creativity is a natural trait in children. They enjoy unrestricted ways to express themselves; their thoughts, personal feelings, and even some of their most unforgettable experiences. As long as a child enjoys writing, and his or her artistic experience is unrestricted, he or she is ready for authorship. 

With coaching and guidance, that spark can be, and (as you are about to read) has been ignited into something tangible and beautiful.

Here Are Some Of The Youngest Authors In The World - These Inspiring Young Authors Come From All Across The Globe

Child Prodigy Writer Vanishes. At Age 25, Barbara Newhall Follet… | By Cat  Leigh | True Crime By Cat Leigh | Medium

1. Barbara Newhall Follett

Barbara Newhall Follett started writing when she was just four years old. Back then, she was known as a great poet and a child prodigy. Her father, Wilson Follett, has been a supporting figure, as well as a mentor and critic to young Barbara.

Barbara was celebrated as a child genius in her time.

When she was 12 years old, she wrote her first novel called “The House Without Windows”.

It was published a year later and received outstanding reviews.

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Mattie Stepanek | My Hero

2. Mattie Stepanek

At the age of 11, young Mattie Stepanek had published his book called “Journey Through Heartsongs” in 2001. He was able to write heartfelt poems despite suffering from a rare muscle disorder throughout his life. 

In addition to his literary works, he also penned the songs for “Music Through Heartsongs,” which was performed by Billy Gilman. Mattie published a total of seven best-selling books before his death at the age of 13. 

Aiden Edited

3. Aiden Zeng

When Aiden Zeng got bored reading Harry Potter, he thought of creating his own book. At that time, he was really into the world of magic and his collection of dinosaur figurines. Without wasting time, he started working on his own book called  “The Great Dinosaur Rebellion.” 

Aiden’s works are published in Amazon Kindle when he was just 9 years old. It seems like his works are on-going, with a couple more chapters in the works. 

Alec Greven (Author Of How To Talk To Girls)

4. Alec Greven

Alec Greven wrote his best-selling book “How To Talk To Girls” at the age of 9. This book became a best-selling hit, paving Alec’s path into stardom. He was even invited to be a guest at the Ellen Degeneres show. 

During the show, the young writer revealed his inspiration to write the book: to help his friends get the girls. His advice includes combing your hair and wearing something other than sweatpants. 

Dorothy Straight Youngest Author

5. Dorothy Straight

Dorothy Straight just wants to give something nice to her grandmother. She wrote the children’s book, “How The World Began,” when she was only four years old. Her parents liked her writings a lot, so they sent it to Pantheon Books for publishing. 

Two years later, her works and published, cementing her as one of the youngest published authors. Among the positive reviews given to Dorothy’s book is the creative approach in how she used shapes and colors to great effect. 

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