Who Does Smashwords Distribute To?

Established in 2008, Smashwords acts as a distribution and publishing platform for authors, publishers, readers, and retailers. It is free and easy for any author or publisher to instantly publish and distribute a multi-format ebook using Smashwords. With Smashwords, authors and publishers control the prices, samples, and distribution of their published books. 

Over the years, Smashwords has grown into one of the largest distribution outlets for authors and publishers of all stages. They have relationships with major bookstore outlets such as Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Amazon to name a few. As well as a number of popular libraries across the globe. 

So, to the most popular Smashwords distribution question, does Smashwords distribute to Amazon? The answer is, yes!

This article will walk you through the complete list of distributors in their network so you will know exactly where your book will be when you distribute it through Smashwords.

Who Does Smashwords Distribute To?

So, Who Does Smashwords Distribute To?

Smashwords allows you to list your book with multiple libraries and major bookstore patforms for sale with a single upload. Several notable retailers are part of the Smashwords distribution network, including Barnes & Noble, Apple Books (which operates in 51 countries), Kobo, Scribd, and the Smashwords Store.  

Your book can be distributed as an ebook by Smashwords to Barnes and Noble, Apple, Amazon Kindle, and WH Smith (which most people are familiar with in Ireland and the UK). There are also global online ebook retailers such as Baker and Taylor, Flipkart, Overdrive, Kobo, Oyster, Scribd, and Inktera (formerly called Page Foundry).

Bibliotheca Cloud Library (three thousand public libraries), Odilo (two thousand and one hundred, one hundred public libraries in Europe, South America, and North America), Baker & Taylor Axis360, Tolino, Gardners (Askews & Holts and Browns Books for Students), and Enki (allowing over 100 California libraries to check out ebooks) are just a few of the libraries they serve with library ebook distribution. 

What Stores Are In the Smashwords Distribution Network? 

What Stores Are In The Smashwords Distribution Network? 

Smashwords allows you to list your book with a variety of ebook retailers and libraries when you distribute your book through their platform. These include:

  • Kobo (operates stores in 51 countries)
  • the Smashwords Store
  • Scribd
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Apple Books 

Among the libraries that Smashwords serves are:

  • Enki (powering the ebook checkout systems for over 100 California libraries)
  • Odilo
  • Bibliotheca Cloud Library
  • Tolino
  • Axis 360 by Baker & Taylor
  • Gardners (Browns Books and Askews & Holts for Students), and 
  • OverDrive (the largest library ebook platform, serving over twenty thousand libraries).

Do All These Partners Also Offer Extended Distribution Among Their Digital Stores?  

Do All These Partners Also Offer Extended Distribution Among Their Digital Stores?  

Among their partners described above, some run additional digital storefronts or provide power and supplies to other retailers. Though not all their partners offer this feature, some of the major players do. These include:  


The Kobo ebook store is a platform used by several ebook retailers worldwide. By enabling Kobo distribution on Smashwords, you will be able to distribute your books to:

  • Walmart
  • Orbile in Mexico (Orbile is a partnership between Gandhi and Porrúa, the largest Mexican book retailers)
  • Pick 'N Pay in South Africa
  • National Book Store in the Philippines
  • Eason & Son in Ireland
  • Crossword and WHSmith in India
  • PriceMinister in France
  • Buy.com (now Rakuten) in the US, 
  • Paper Plus, and The Paper Plus Group in New Zealand
  • Play in Great Britain
  • Rakuten in Japan
  • bol.com in the Netherlands
  • Feltrinelli, and Mondadori in Italy
  • Indigo in Canada
  • Angus & Robertson, Collins, Bookworld, and Booktopia in Australia
  • Livraria Cultura in Brazil
  • Dogan in Turkey
  • FNAC in Portugal and France, 
  • WH Smith in the UK, as well as participating American B.A.S in the US and participating B.A.S in the UK (Booksellers Association Stores).

Baker & Taylor 

By selecting Baker & Taylor on Smashwords your book will be featured on Axis360. Axis360 is a major provider of ebook checkout systems to public libraries, that is owned and operated by Baker & Taylor.


Selecting Gardners gives your book access to their wide network across the UK. In addition to running hundreds of white label ebook stores, Gardners operates Hive.co.uk, which runs eCommerce operations for hundreds of physical stores. Additionally, Askews & Holts provides ebooks to public libraries in the UK and other countries, as well as VLeBooks, a system that allows academic libraries to check out ebooks.

The Former Tolino

Various retailers based on Tolino, a German powerhouse, accounted for around 50% of the German ebook market. IBS, Standaard Boekhandel, Libri, Osiander, Mayersche, Buecher.de, Hugendubel / ebook.de,  Weltbild, and Thalia were among Smashwords' clients from its previous distribution agreement with Tolino. The distribution of Smashwords titles through these channels is handled by Smashwords' longstanding partner, Gardners.

Amazon Access

Draft2Digital’s (D2D) recent acquisition of the Smashwords platform plans to open up new distribution opportunities. One major addition is access to Amazon distribution through Smashwords.  For authors and publishers currently taking advantage of the prior "$2000-club" distribution to Amazon, there will be no need to do anything to switch over to direct while new smashwords authors will be able to enjoy Amazon distribution from day 1.

Can Anyone Utilize The Premium Catalog Distribution Through Smashwords?

Can Anyone Utilize The Premium Catalog Distribution Through Smashwords?

Distribution through Smashwords Premium Catalog of their network of retailers and libraries carries a review process. Once you submit your book for review, major retailers and library platforms accept your book for free and automatically add it to their platforms if it meets their general requirements.  

To aid in your book being accepted on the first go, be sure to download a copy of The Smashwords Style Guide which describes all listing requirements in detail ahead of submitting. The majority of listing requirements are about offering a quality product. Retailers and library platforms, for example, expect a suitable cover image, complete metadata, proper navigation, and professional formatting.

How Do I Request To Distribute My Book Through Smashwords?

To apply for Smashword’s distribution simply:

Upload your Book to Smashwords In The Correct Format

The most common method of uploading your book to Smashwords is as a .doc file, but a professionally designed .epub file can also be used.

Wait For Your Bok To Go Through Th Review Process

As described in the Smashwords Style Guide, the Smashwords vetting department in California will open your .epub file within 24 hours of uploading and confirm that it is suitable for retailer distribution. You will be notified of approval in an automated email if approved during the first review, and your book will automatically be added to the platforms mentioned above.

If edits are required, Smashwords will notify you via email and via on-screen messages in your Dashboard informing you are the issue to be corrected before resubmitting your book.

Re-Upload Your File (If There Is an Error)

Click on "Upload new version" in the Dashboard to upload a corrected manuscript. Click "Settings" to update the categorization, description, cover, or other metadata.

Feel free to reach out to the Smashwords Support team at any time in the process if you have any questions or concerns. Your book deserves to be seen and their team will be elated to help you make that dream a reality.