Who Does Ingramspark Distribute To?

With IngramSpark distribution (a global distribution network), you'll have greater chances of selling your books and seeing your independently published book on the shelves of popular brick-and-mortar bookstores, next to major bestsellers.

You'll also have access to one of the world's largest ebook and print distribution networks, which means more people will be able to find and purchase your book. Whether you're looking to reach a wide audience or just sell a few copies to family and friends, IngramSpark can help you achieve your goals. But, exactly who does Ingramspark distribute to?

Who Does Ingramspark Distribute To?

What is the Book Distribution Process?

In most cases, retailers order books from book distributors rather than directly from publishers. Ingram's print-on-demand service allows retailers to order physical titles from Ingram Book Company, which are printed, shipped, and delivered to the customer, store, or library within a few days. 

Ingram distributes more than just print titles. There are also ebook distribution channels such as Amazon KDP, Apple Books, and Kobo, where ebooks can be made available to major online retail partners. Whenever you sell a copy of either a print copy or an ebook, the sale is added to your monthly compensation report, and you will receive your payout.

Who Does Ingramspark Distribute To?

Ingram Distribution is one of the largest book distributors in the United States, distributing to more than 40,000 retailers including Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, libraries, and schools. By providing access to Ingram's global online and print partner network, IngramSpark makes self-publishing even more accessible. You can distribute your books internationally through this network.

What Is The Global Connect Program

What Is The Global Connect Program

Ingramspark’s Global Connect program enables you to have your books printed by printers in Poland,  Spain, Germany, Italy, South Korea, India, Russia, Brazil, and China. Books sold in those countries will be printed by these international printers. 

This saves you and the retailer overseas shipping costs if they order your book from the U.S. Depending on the pricing you've provided for your book in the U.S. market, the publisher's compensation will be paid as usual.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Distributor?

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Distributor?

Retailers are often hesitant to purchase books directly from authors. Instead of making individual purchases from thousands of suppliers, they would rather shop from one supplier. As a result, retailers almost exclusively purchase from distributors, such as Ingram, which simplifies their business.

Using print-on-demand (POD) as a means of achieving wide distribution is extremely valuable for a new author with a first book where demand is unknown. Though not ideal, if you've already invested in inventory, there's no need to worry about Ingram distribution if you've already done it. 

Regardless of how much inventory you have already printed, you can always use it for direct sales through your website, giveaways, events, and speaking engagements. With a POD/distribution program like IngramSpark, you can get broader book distribution.

How Do Libraries and Stores Know My Book Is Available For Sale Through Ingram?

How Do Libraries And Stores Know My Book Is Available For Sale Through Ingram?

IngramSpark provides its distribution partners with a metadata feed informing them of all the titles currently available through their platform. Stores and libraries can search for your book based on the metadata linked to it, which is why you should provide detailed metadata for your title. In the case of your book in particular and for books like yours, metadata will help your book appear in relevant searches. 

Although Ingram makes your book available to stores and libraries, there is no guarantee they will order it. If a store/library doesn't know your book exists, they won't order it, which is why book marketing and promotion are so crucial to the success of your book.

Can Anyone Order My Book?

Can Anyone Order My Book?

Bookstores, online stores, libraries, and schools that Ingram (or any of our other distributors) distributes to can order your book. IngramSpark also allows you (the publisher) to order your book directly from your account if you wish to do so for any number of reasons.

Customers can order your books from bookstores, online retailers, or directly from you if you have an author website or attend author events. Ingram does not sell your book directly to customers since only you, as the publisher, access direct printing and shipping costs, and only sources that have agreements with Ingram's book distribution services are able to order books directly from Ingram.

Top Tip: Distribute Widely And Don't Limit Yourself

One of the best things about Ingram's distribution is that your eggs are not all in one basket. As Ingram distributes to every major player around the globe (online and physical stores, libraries, gift shops, Big Box chains, Apple, etc. ), you have an incredible number of opportunities to sell your book.

Having exclusive deals with Amazon and beyond limits your book's distribution and potential reach. It is true that Amazon is a very large part of book sales overall, but it is not the entire marketplace, and it is often recommended that you do not put your book's future at risk by ignoring every other retail outlet. You could be turning your back on potential sales if you do so.

Does Ingramspark Distribute To Amazon?

If you are wondering whether or not you can distribute your book to both IngramSpark and KDP, yes, you can! Ingramspark enable distribution for Amazon.

In fact, it is often recommended. The reason for this is that KDP Paperback is Amazon's preferred print-on-demand platform. Amazon prefers its own suppliers first so this is the best distribution method for selling print on demand.

Among wholesale distributors for bookstores and libraries, however, IngramSpark is the best. These retailers do not use Amazon since it is their direct competition. Both Amazon and IngramSpark have steadily been expanding the regions in which they have printers, but Ingram remains accessible in Australia and other countries where KDP is more restricted. 

As such, using both platforms increases your reach and is even recommended as the best strategy by the head of IngramSpark.

How To Distribute Through Both Ingramspark & Amazon KDP

To distribute through both platforms, simply:

Step 1: Publish Your Book On KDP

Follow the steps to upload your book to KDP Paperback. This platform is easier to use and has a more straightforward process. You can easily view any errors in your files.

The most important thing to remember is to NOT select the option for expanded distribution.

After everything has been approved and published, you can then add the IngramSpark option.

Step 2: Publish Your Book Through IngramSpark

The second and final step is to publish your book through IngramSpark. Many authors struggle with IngramSpark after being used to KDP's user-friendly interface. Don't panic, take it slow and follow the steps as you go.

In addition to the metadata you'll need for KDP, you'll also need some additional information. To make things easier, you might want to gather all of this information before you begin uploading. 

There is often a promo code available online that will either offer a discounted rate or even a free upload to the IngramSpark platform. So, be sure to check around before reaching the payment page.

You can enable distribution on your book after it has been approved. Your book will then be available through all distribution channels offered by Ingram. Ingram’s system will automatically check Amazon to determine if your bok is already available there through KDP Paperback. Once it finds the book there already, it will skip that distribution channel.

Congratulations! You did it!

Bookstores, retailers, and libraries across the globe can now order your book using Ingram distribution and direct customers can order your book from Amazon while you enjoy the full benefits of both platforms. It may take four weeks or more for some stores to populate, so it may not be listed by tomorrow, but rest assured it will be up soon.

Now it is just a case of getting paid! When Does Ingramspark Pay Royalties?

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