What Is Amazon Author Central And How Can You Use It To Build Your Readership

As an Indie author, the number one thing you strive to do is to gain more readership for your books. So, it should come as no surprise that Amazon has many powerful marketing tools to assist with attracting more readers to your books. One such tool is Amazon Author Central.

Amazon Author Central is a vital tool that every self-publishing author to add to their marketing arsenal. So, in this article, we are going to be exploring exactly what is Amazon Author Central, and how you can use it to build your readership. Let’s dive in, shall we?

What Is Amazon Author Central And How Can You Use It To Build Your Readership

What is Amazon Author Central?

Amazon Author Central

In case you haven't already guessed, Amazon Author Central is the author account hub on the Marketing section of the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. Here, Amazon authors can add credentials, author bios, create/manage book titles, create profiles, and other interesting things to make your Amazon author page stand out above the competition.

Amazon Author Central is also where authors can create their Amazon Author Pages. This is the page that readers are directed to when they either click on your author name on Amazon or a link directing them to all the books you have ever had available for sale on Amazon. Here, you can share information about yourself with readers, like your bio, videos, images, blog feeds, and much more.

What Are The Benefits of The Amazon Author Central Platform?

  1. No cost. You can use it for free without any limitations. 
  2. This is the author Brand. Having a brand is designed to help you build your presence and author brand on the web
  3. Ensure visibility. Drives more readers to your amazon.com KDP 
  4. Increasing the number of readers. Your work and yourself are easily accessible to potential readers to learn more about.
  5. Interest in books. Once people are interested in your book, this can lead to more sales.
  6. Page about the author. As your own personal webpage on Amazon, your Amazon Author Page can be set up and optimized.

Key Note: If you opt not to claim our Amazon Author Page your name will simply show in plain black text on your book sale page. Your readers won’t be able to click on it. Meaning you will be losing a free introduction to your backlist.

Why Is It Important To Have An Amazon Author Page?

Your Amazon Author Page is like your personal page on Amazon.

This is where people can learn more about you, see (and buy) all your books, and find your social media, blog, and website all in one place. You're probably working on building your author platform, and this is an extension.

It is important to have an Amazon Author Page. You'll be able to sell more books because your fans can find other books that you have written all on one page. This will build your credibility as an author, and it will help your fans connect with you whenever you publish future projects.

If you're not familiar with Author Pages, type a random book title into Amazon's search box. Whenever you view a book on Amazon, you will see the name of the author beneath the title. There may be a hyperlink (a link you can click on) that will take you to that author's Amazon page.

What Are The Key Benefits of An Amazon Author Page To The Readability of Your Books?

The four main benefits you’ll enjoy by having an Amazon Author Page are: 

  1. Readers can find out more about you by visiting your Amazon Author Page. Getting to know your customers is an effective way of introducing them to your books or educating them more about your books. 
  2. In the Author Page dedicated to your books, you can customize the content with it. When managing your books' listings on the Amazon page, all of your details can be managed right here in Author Central.
  3. It's a personal page created specifically for you on a powerful, global platform is free for you to use. The authors are able to use author central to customize and build out their author pages. You will be able to showcase your books on one of the largest e-commerce platforms. 
  4. With your Author Page, you are staying current with your book success by setting up your author platform. When readers arrive at your book page, you are also delivering the best possible experience. Author central is primarily designed to let you, the author, customize your author page.

How Can You Use Amazon Author Central To Build Your Readership?

When potential readers arrive at your page or website, their first impression is what they will see, so make it a great one.

Since most new authors do not have a website yet, this is extremely important. You must focus on what you have right now, and right now you have a free tool that showcases your book that will describe you as a writer, and that is to focus on what you have.

It is true that there are some limitations in terms of customization on your Author Page, but this shouldn't be a problem. You should be taking advantage of what is freely available and leveraging it to grow your readership.

Your Amazon Author Central offers four main ways to build readership. These are:

  1. Create International Author Pages
  2. Add Professional Author Photo
  3. Create A Well-Crafted Bio
  4. Add Editorial Reviews

Let’s explore each of these core features in more detail.

Create International Amazon Author Pages

One of the great features of Amazon and self-publishing is that, as an author, your book can be available worldwide on many other international sites. For example, your books can be available in Japan, Germany, India, France, China, Canada, the UK, and more. What's more, the number of sites is constantly growing.

Having set up your author page on the US store, assuming that's where you started, you can now pay attention to your international markets.

Here are four international author central websites you can start with to create your author page and sign in to author central:

  1. Germany – https://authorcentral.amazon.de/
  2. France – https://authorcentral.amazon.fr/
  3. UK – https://authorcentral.amazon.co.uk/
  4. Japan – https://authorcentral.amazon.co.jp/

Add Professional Author Photo

Add Professional Author Photo

Almost all authors avoid this hard and important truth:

Based on your author's photo, readers will judge your book and you.

Do you think that's fair? Perhaps not. However, humans are visually oriented by nature. We make snap judgments of other people based solely on facial expressions and physical characteristics as a means of assessing opportunities, threats, and knowing how to interact with a new person.

In the end, a thorough discussion of this topic is far beyond the scope of this piece, but basically, it developed because it worked (there is a great deal of research and science on this topic, most of which falls under the term "signaling theory").

Despite what it might seem like, this is actually a positive development. Because you have a better understanding of the importance of your author's photo, you can consider taking one that is outstanding and use it as a powerful tool.

Create A Well-Crafted Author Bio

Create A Well-Crafted Author Bio

Your author bio is the door between you and your potential readers. Some people like to know who wrote the book they are about to read. While others may not check out your bio until after they’ve already read your book. Either way, they are there to figure out who are you. 

Is there anything about you that they may relate to? If yes then you may have found yourself a die-hard fan. Your author bio doesn’t have to be very long, but ensure that you make it count.

Add Editorial Reviews

Editorial book reviews are unbiased, reader-focused reviews of your published or soon-to-be-published book. They are commonly used by publishers for marketing material such as book covers, posters, and in their Amazon sales pages under the Editorial Reviews section. Editorial reviews are typically written by professional entities such as subject matter experts, fellow authors, or review sites.

Editorial book reviews are generally unpublished, and unbiased 400+ word reviews sent directly to the author or publisher upon request. The author/publisher can then pull specific quotes from the review to be used in marketing materials. You can use them on teasers, posters, book covers, editorial reviews in Author Central, and more.

How Do You Add Editorial Reviews In Amazon Author Central?

Adding your editorial reviews is easy. Simply:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Author Central account, or register for a new account if you don't already have one.
  2. In the top menu, click on Books.
  3. All your titles will then be displayed with images. If your book isn't listed, click the Add a Book button at the bottom of the page.
  4. To edit a book, click on it. Then, you can choose which version you want to edit if you have multiple).
  5. Once there, select the blue Edit Book Details button, and click Add Review in the Editorial Reviews section.
  6. Add in your review. If you want your reviews to stand out, you can use bold or italics. Bolding the name of the book reviewer is often a good idea. By doing this, a book buyer can see that it is a reader's review.
  7. Once your reviews have been added, click Review. If you are satisfied, click Save to add your reviews. Do this for all your versions of the book. Your new editorial reviews should appear on your Amazon book page within 24 hours.

Key Note: There are two review panels for paperback books, but only one for Kindle. You can, however, add all your reviews in one box.


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