Using Apple Pages To Write & Format A Book

Writing a book is no easy task. It can take months to write and then weeks of editing, formatting, and designing the layout. Many people wonder how they would go about writing their book in Apple Pages.

This article will give you some helpful tips on using Apple Pages to write your own book with built-in features such as editing tools and export options for exporting your final project into various formats that are compatible with most e-readers like Kindle or iPad etc.

Using Apple Pages To Write & Format A Book

What Is Apple Pages?

Apple Pages is an upgrade from iBooks Author. You can use Apple Pages to do all of the things you could do in iBooks Author and more. It has a friendly user interface that makes it easy to use and is compatible with most devices.

Apple Pages is a great option for someone who wants to write their book on the go, since you can create books on your Mac, iPad or iPhone and export your final project into various formats which you can upload onto any e-reader device or share it with family and friends through social media.

Additionally, you can submit it to online platforms for sale and easily adjust it to make a paperback print-ready copy of your book.

You can also rest assured knowing that your book is synchronized across all of your Apple devices and kept up to date using iCloud.

They've also made it very easy to collaborate - so if you are hoping to co-author your book with somebody else you can simultaneously work on the book knowing everything is updated in realtime.

How To Write Your Book In Apple Pages

For anybody using Apple Pages to write a book, the templates that come as standard will be a huge plus.

There are over 70 pre-designed templates included for free, which means you do not have to worry too much about book formatting.

You can also download additional templates, if browsing the internet and see some you like.

Apple Pages Templates

Some are available for free, shared by other designers and authors while some are paid.

Creating A New Book

Creating a new book document is simple. Once you open the program, you will have the option to choose from one of the in-built templates or start on a blank canvas.

Once you have selected, everything is customizable. You can import your book cover and start writing directly into the Apple Pages program. Each new page will embody the same layout and formatting as well as being numbered.

Inserting Images

Apple Pages Images
How To Insert Images In Apple Pages

If you are writing a cookbook or any book that requires you to add images, you may wonder how to do that in Apple Pages. Using the "Media" tab, you can easily add images, videos, audio, etc., to your book and then further edit it with the panel tools.

It snaps into the center or wherever you need it to go, without shuffling your text up (which we have all experienced in Microsoft Word...very frustrating stuff!).

You can add various effects to the image such as greyscale, saturation, reflection, and has a variety of masks and cropping options.

Adding a Table of Contents 

You can also add a Table of Contents and choose which pages to include in the Table of Contents.

One thing I found very helpful is that if you have sub-headings, they will automatically be added to the table of contents as you create them.

Just click on "Table of Contents" and all your headings will show up for you to check off (or delete).

The best part about this process is when it comes time to export into PDF or other formats such as EPUB, this format will also be recognized and clickable in these files, so you will not have to worry about going through and adding a new table of contents for each file type.

Apple Pages Toc
How To Add Book Table Of Contents In Apple Pages

Adding a Cover page

In addition to your book cover and internal images, you might want to add a cover page to break up chapters or large bodies of text. A cover page can be used for the front of a book or to divide sections in your manuscript.

To create a cover page, start by clicking "Insert" at the top left corner of your document window and then click on "Cover Page". Apple Pages will automatically place this text box onto the right side of your document where you want it to appear. Once inserted, you can use all the tools under Formatting (in the Inspector) to format this element how you would like.

As I mentioned before, the interface is very user-friendly so you will have no trouble exploring and identifying different features to make your book even better than how you imagined it in your head which can be a pain for a new user, using some of the more complex programs like Affinity Publisher or Adobe Indesign.

However, despite the interface not being as complex as some other programs, do not see using Apple Pages to write and format your book as a lesser option - complex doesn't necessarily mean better!

Exporting Your Book From Apple Pages

Export Book

Once you are happy with your book, you are ready for the next steps. You might want to export it into various formats to upload and sell, share it with friends and family or make it a free download on your site or social media.

The process is the same. It just needs to be exported.

Keep in mind, formatting for digital distribution and print distribution have separate requirements. Chances are your book is 100% suitable as it is, for digital distribution but would need some adjustments to the margin and gutter before being exported as a high-quality PDF for print and distribution.

To export your new book from Apple Pages, you'll need to open the book's File menu and choose "Export Book".

Selecting a location on your computer to save the exported file will bring up an export window that includes all of the following options: PDF for print, Kindle e-book, EPUB e-book, iBooks book or MS Word document.

All of these are self-explanatory except one - "EPUB for digital". What is this?

Well, it's best explained by our friends at Apple:

The EPUB format is an open digital book (eBook) standard from the International Digital Publishing Forum. With Pages, you can export your documents in the EPUB format so they can be read using the Books app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or with third-party EPUB readers. 

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Why Not Outsource Editing And Formatting Your Book?

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