The 50 Most Popular Book Genres Selling On Amazon (Inspiring Data For New Publishers)

Most new writers hoping to break into the self-publishing scene and make real money from it, are coming at it from a business angle, and they aren't wrong to do so!

You see, writing the genre you love or are passionate about is great if you intend to do it for the love of the art and don't necessarily mind not selling many units.

But, if you want to build a career out of your writing, and fast, then it isn't a bad idea to study what is already doing well, and try to replicate it!

I use a tool called Publisher Rocket for book keyword research, category research, and to look at the overall data of the books selling the best on Amazon.

This method has allowed me to make thousands more each month, as I know exactly what I need to do and can study what the top sellers have done.

Below I have listed the most popular genres and the books doing the best in each genre so you can have a glance. Of course, some genres are going to be more obvious and popular than other, but there will be some real gems in there that you hadn't considered!

Here are the 50 most popular book genres on Amazon:

  1. Literary Fiction
  2. Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
  3. Romance
  4. Science Fiction
  5. Fantasy
  6. Horror
  7. Young Adult
  8. Children's Books
  9. Memoir
  10. History
  11. Self-Help
  12. Cookbooks
  13. Health/Fitness/Dieting
  14. Business/Investing
  15. Religion/Spirituality
  16. Humor
  17. Crafts/Hobbies
  18. True Crime
  19. Poetry
  20. Biographies
  21. Travel
  22. Parenting
  23. Motivational
  24. Art/Photography
  25. Personal Development
  26. Psychology
  27. Philosophy
  28. Politics/Social Sciences
  29. Comics/Graphic Novels
  30. Computers/Technology
  31. Law
  32. Education
  33. Animals
  34. Home/Garden
  35. Sports
  36. Holiday
  37. Mathematics
  38. Reference
  39. Medical
  40. Engineering
  41. Music
  42. Drama
  43. Textbooks
  44. Gay/Lesbian
  45. Military
  46. Writing
  47. Teen & Young Adult
  48. Humorous Fiction
  49. Short Stories
  50. Plays