Literary Agents Looking for Vampire Novels: Discover the Best Opportunities in 2024

Literary Agents Looking For Vampire Novels Discover The Best Opportunities

Ah, the allure of the vampire novel. They've been stealing our hearts (and blood) since time immemorial, and for good reason. Who wouldn't want to possess supernatural abilities and live forever? We're talking eternal youth here, people!

It's no wonder literary agents are always on the prowl for some fresh (pun totally intended) vampire content.

But—gasp!—how can you make your blood-sucking masterpiece stand out from the crowd? Fear not, fellow creatures of the night; we've got your back.

With a sprinkle of wit and a dash of humor, this post will dig its teeth into all things fanged fiction: why these ever-popular paranormal powerhouses continue to captivate our imaginations—and more importantly—where to find those elusive literary agents looking for vampire novels.

But hold your horses—or bats—we're also going to dish out some handy secondary keywords that'll help give your novel that extra oomph it needs to rise above the rest.

And because we play nice with our fellow night owls, we promise there won't be any garlic or wooden stakes in sight.

So sharpen those fangs, crack open that coffin—it's time to dive into the deliciously dark world of writing about creatures who know a thing or two about being immortalized in literature!

Literary Agents Looking For Vampire Novels: Discover The Best Opportunities In 2024

Erica Verrillo's Blog and its Resources on Vampire Novel Agents

Literary Agents Looking For Vampire Novels

Author Erica Verrillo sure knows her gothic literature—so much so that she dedicates her blog to listing literary agents keen on horror submissions—including fresh takes on vampires.

In any case, if you have an original spin on this immortal subject matter (see what I did there?), make sure to check out her blog and explore further into the dark depths of publishing industry possibilities.

Finding Horror and Vampire Literary Agents on Reedsy

Finding Horror And Vampire Literary Agents On Reedsy

All things considered; Reedsy is another excellent resource for writers entering the realm of genre fiction.

With a comprehensive list of literary agents seeking horror submissions (that includes vampire novels), this website should definitely be included in your hunt for representation.

And while we're at it—consider exploring other genres while perusing through their extensive database.

Bell Bridge Books: A Publisher Open to Vampire Novels

Bell Bridge Books: A Publisher Open To Vampire Novels

It's not all about finding an agent sometimes—you gotta keep track of publishers too! Feast your eyes upon Bell Bridge Books – a publisher whose heart beats wildly (or not) for dark, gritty, and serious urban fantasy & horror novels, including vampire fiction.

If you're confident in your manuscript's ability to sink its fangs into the hearts and minds of readers, consider submitting directly to this publisher.

Using Jericho Writers' AgentMatch to Find Paranormal Romance Literary Agents

Using Jericho Writers' Agentmatch To Find Paranormal Romance Literary Agents

As exciting as blood-sucking vampires may be, let's not forget about their steamy romantic endeavors.

For those who love intertwining the paranormal with passionate romance (and perhaps some brooding dark fiction), take a look at Jericho Writers' AgentMatch system.

This literary agent database is perfect for finding US agents interested in paranormal romance novels—including those featuring vampires.

Agent Highlight: Patrice Caldwell and Her Interest in Fresh Takes on Vampires

Agent Highlight: Patrice Caldwell And Her Interest In Fresh Takes On Vampires

A quick shoutout to Patrice Caldwell of Morhaim Literary Agency—an agent seeking commercial horror fiction that brings fresh twists on traditional vampire stories.

Keep an eye out for more agents like her—agents willing to dive deep into the supernatural world of gothic literature and unearth something truly unique.

Jim McCarthy's Past Representation of the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

Jim Mccarthy's Past Representation Of The Vampire Academy Series By Richelle Mead

And speaking of exemplary agents, let us not forget Jim McCarthy from Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC—after all; he represented Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series!

He certainly knows his way around a captivating vampire tale—and could be your ticket into this thrilling genre.

Exploring AgentMatch's List of 20 US Paranormal Romance Literary Agents

Exploring Agentmatch's List Of 20 Us Paranormal Romance Literary Agents

You see—the realm of paranormal romance has significant appeal within today’s publishing industry!

In fact: there are 20 US-based literary agents listed on Jericho Writers’ AgentMatch system interested explicitly in paranormal-themed romances—which obviously includes our favorite nocturnal subjects: vampire novels!

Use this amazing database resource as a part of your journey into the publishing world and remember: not every agent needs to be a specialist in horror novels or urban fantasy; sometimes, it's worth exploring opportunities within broader genres.

Finding Literary Agents Interested in Early 2000s Style Vampire Romance through Social Media Platforms

Finding Literary Agents Interested In Early 2000S Style Vampire Romance Through Social Media Platforms

Let’s see, what about those nostalgic for the early-2000s style vampire romance? Believe it or not, there are literary agents who appreciate this era of storytelling!

For example—on Twitter—there’s an agent seeking self-indulgent vampire romances reminiscent of that time. So if you've got something that harkens back to those days, go ahead and give them a whirl!

There's a whole world out there ripe with literary agents just waiting for talented authors like you to share their fresh ideas on vampire novels.

Make good use of resources like MsWishList, Erica Verrillo's Blog, Reedsy, Bell Bridge Books' submission guidelines, Jericho Writers' AgentMatch system (and more) as your key into the darkly fascinating realms of paranormal romance and horror fiction in the publishing industry.