Top 11 Literary Agents for Picture Books UK: The Ultimate Guide in Finding Your Perfect Match In 2024

1. Paul Rodeen

Let's talk about a big name in the game: Paul Rodeen.

In the world of UK picture book agents, Paul marks high up the list.

He brings a wealth of experience in representing children's authors and has a fantastic reputation within the industry.

He is definitely one to consider if you're looking for UK-based picture book agents.

2. Louise Fury

Ever heard of Louise Fury? No?

Well, let me introduce you. Louise is one of the British literary agents for children's books who has created some serious waves in the industry.

With a keen eye for unique and creative storytelling, she might just be the one to bring your story to life!

3. Brianne Johnson

Next up is Brianne Johnson. She's managed to carve out a pretty impressive name for herself amongst UK children's literature agents. Could she be your guide on the path towards picture book publication? Only one way to find out.

4. Thao Le

Don't forget about Thao Le. We're talking about a literary agent who really knows her stuff when it comes to children’s picture books. Want someone who understands just how special and important these stories are? Thao could be your perfect match.

5. Jennifer DeChiara

Speaking of heavy hitters in the UK picture book publishing agents industry, we must mention Jennifer DeChiara. Jennifer’s expertise in bringing vivid illustrations and captivating narratives together is simply unparalleled.

6. Caryn Wiseman

Imagine having someone like Caryn Wiseman on your team? Caryn's reputation as one of the top UK literary agents specializing in picture books precedes her, making her a standout choice for anyone seeking representation in this niche.

7. Chloe Seager from Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency

You wouldn't be searching for UK picture book manuscript agents and not come across Chloe Seager, would you? Chloe has worked with some of the biggest names in children’s literature and has the industry knowledge to match.

8. Darley Anderson Children's Book Agency and Lindsay Literary Agency

Looking for an agency that caters specifically to children's literature? Look no further than Darley Anderson Children's Book Agency and Lindsay Literary Agency - two well-respected names among UK picture book literary agencies. They both house multiple experienced agents, so you’re sure to find the right fit here!

9. Anne Clark Literary Agency

Anne Clark Literary Agency stands tall among literary agencies for children's picture books in the UK. If you’re looking for an agency that truly understands children’s writing, this may be your perfect destination.

10. Claire Wilson and Sam Copeland from RCW Agency

Who would we be if we didn't mention Claire Wilson and Sam Copeland from RCW Agency- two renowned British children's book agents? They’ve been highly recommended by authors they’ve worked with – isn’t that convincing enough?

11. Molly Ker Hawn

If we're talking top UK children's literature agents, then we can't go without mentioning Molly Ker Hawn. Described as nothing short of fantastic, she could be exactly what you're looking for.

Finally yet importantly, Corinne Fowler, Kate McLean, Erin Knight, Jordan Lees, and Philippa Milnes-Smith are also fantastic choices if you're on the lookout for picture book literary representatives in the UK. So why wait? Start exploring today!

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