Best Literary Agents for Art Books: Find the Perfect Match for Your Masterpiece  In 2024

Dawn Frederick of Red Sofa Literary

Stepping into the spotlight first is Dawn Frederick of Red Sofa Literary. Specializing in art literature, she's a go-to agent for those creating art books and architecture manuscripts. Got a manuscript that challenges the norm? Dawn's your person. Her agency is known for being open and accepting of unique, fresh perspectives.

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

When we talk about literary agencies specializing in art, we simply can't miss out on the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. It's a haven for both writers and illustrators. This agency doesn't just sign artists, they support them, serving as agents for art authors and illustrators alike.

ArtHouse Literary Agency

Turn the spotlight to the ArtHouse Literary Agency, where they're shaping the future of art literature. They're known for nurturing underrepresented voices, promoting diversity in the world of visual art book agents.

Amy Rennert Agency and Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency

Ever thought about venturing into mystery novels? With the Amy Rennert Agency and Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency, you're in good hands. Both agencies shine as some of the best art manuscript agents for mystery novels.

Full Circle Literary

Next up, let's talk about Full Circle Literary. They're a full-service agency representing diverse authors and artists. Looking for literary agents for art publications that break barriers? This is your place.

Storm Literary Agency and Bright Agency

Looking to charm the hearts of young readers with your artwork? Check out Storm Literary Agency and Bright Agency. These agencies focus on children's books, actively looking out for passionate authors and artists to represent.

Picture Book Planet

Lastly, if you're an illustrator looking for representation, consider agencies like Picture Book Planet. They specifically help picture book writers & illustrators secure work—making them excellent representatives for visual art books.

Finding the right publishing agents for art books or representatives for art literature requires doing your homework. Check out online resources that list literary agent requirements or guides like Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents. Remember, finding your literary soulmate might require some trial-and-error but it's totally worth it!

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