List Of Low Content Publishing Ideas And Examples

Low content publishing is a process of creating and selling books that require minimal effort to produce. These types of books can include but are not limited to;

  • journals
  • planners,
  • workbooks
  • coloring books
  • and more

Low content books are typically devoid of lengthy text passages, making them quick and easy to create. Because of this, they are often used as supplemental materials for other products or courses.

For example, a low-content book could be used as a journal for recording thoughts and experiences during an online course and then sold as a supplementary item. Or, it could be sold as a workbook to be used alongside a coaching program.

Low content books can also be created purely for entertainment value, such as coloring books and puzzle books. No matter what type of low content book you decide to create, there is sure to be a market for it (providing you do the keyword research first!).

With minimal effort required to produce these types of books, low content publishing is an excellent way to earn passive income.

List Of Low Content Publishing Ideas And Examples

Why Make Low-Content Books?

Selling books online is quite popular nowadays because it poses so many advantages. You just need to find the right products to sell. And one of the most in-demand products out there is low-content books. Why are so many sellers producing this type of material?

Quick To Produce

The first reason is that they are so quick to produce. Once you have researched the idea or theme, it would probably take you a few days to crank them out.

You don't have to spend weeks mulling over plotlines or researching your backstory. As long as you have the right tools, you can come up with a low-content book in no time.

The Tools Already Exist!

<a href="" target="_blank"><img style="border:0px" src="" width="1834" height="1031" alt="Book Bolt Software"></a>

Low content books are a great way to get started in publishing without needing any special skills or expensive equipment.

You can create low content books using platforms like:

These platforms have been designed specifically for low content books, so you don't need any special skills or expensive software to create them. And because they don't require any special skills or equipment, anyone can get started in minutes!

Book Bolt allows you to find easy-to-rank keywords and topics and then actually design your low content book within the platform. Whether you are planning to create a journal, planner, workbook, coloring book, or puzzle book, Book Bolt makes it easy and fast to create your low-content book.

Publisher Rocket, on the other hand, offers advanced keyword research for selling books on Amazon but does not offer the design tools that Book Bolt does. In any case, you could use Publisher Rocket with Canva or Tangent Templates as they both offer solutions for low-content books.

Low Start-up Cost

You don't need a large capital to start this book publishing business. Most of us have all the necessary tools to begin publishing low-content books!

If you are reading this, then you probably already have the needed gadget and Internet access. Using Canva alone, you could create an unlimited amount of low-content books and new templates are added daily which always gives me inspiration and ideas for new content.

Digital Books = No Storage Needed

Additionally, you don't have to keep stock of your books. There is no wasted money involved when it comes to selling low-content books on ebook selling platforms.

The only time that your book will be printed is when a customer buys a copy. Once paid, the book will be printed by the retailer and then shipped to the buyer's address. This print-on-demand model eliminates the need for upfront printing costs and allows you to sell your book without having to carry any inventory. 

Easy To Sell

They are easy to sell. These types of books don't require a lot of convincing because people know exactly what they are looking for and getting. For example, if you're selling a coloring book, people will know that it's filled with pages to be colored in.

And because they are so easy to produce, you can easily create and sell multiple low-content books at once.

The Amazon Marketplace Is Conversion-Ready!

Selling on Amazon KDP is a great way for low-content authors to reach a wide audience with minimal investment.

People come to Amazon to buy, so beyond your keyword research for what people already want, your cover design, and your landing page, the heavy lifting is already done for you. Amazon has a huge customer base that you can tap into with your book. 

Different kinds of Low-Content Books

As mentioned, there is more to low-content materials besides journals. You can start your online selling journey by starting with a few designs and branching out to producing some of the materials that you can see below.

Lined journals and notebooks


We cannot make a list of the different types of low-content books without including the lined notebooks and journals. Creating this product takes very little time and customizing it to fit a certain theme is such a breeze. You won't even need special software to make this material.

Given that there are already thousands of different journals available online, how can you make your work stand out? One way is to cater to a target audience. Instead of just making blank journals, why not create one specifically for a chosen niche? You can make journals for hobbyists, adventurers, fitness enthusiasts, and more.

One good example is a journal where travelers can record their experiences and memories. You can include a part where the journaler can stick a picture taken during that trip. Adding a prompt to help the adventurer start writing about an experience will be helpful. You can write, "Today, I saw a…" or "For the first time, I was able to…"

Another example that sells well online is the gratitude journal. You can prompt the users to write about what made them grateful that day. You can make your twist on that by letting the user write about what they did that made others feel grateful for that day.


According to some successful low-content book publishers, one of their consistent bestsellers is the logbook. Surprisingly, it is also one of the easiest to make. First of all, logbooks mostly have repeat interiors. This cuts down your design time dramatically.

Next, it is easy to find a target audience for logbooks. This means you can easily customize the content based on the niche since you have a clear idea of the type of people who will use your product.

Logbooks are also considered evergreen. This is not a seasonal product so you can expect to make a sale all year round. Some popular examples of logbooks are food trackers. You don't have to make a generic one for this particular example. You can publish food trackers for vegan users, dieters, diabetics, and more.

Another example of this type of low-content material is the exercise logbook. You can customize this for fitness enthusiasts who want to keep track of how much weight they lift or how many minutes they can do on the treadmill. You can make a mileage logbook. This is useful for truck drivers needing to keep tabs of the miles they can cover in a day.

You can also make a budget book where the users can keep track of their expenses. There can even be a box where the users can attach a copy of the receipts. This type of logbook can also be helpful for freelancers who want to record how much they earn from projects.

Coloring Books

Coloring Book

Coloring has become such a popular pastime for kids and adults alike. There is something about filling blank spaces with colors that is highly therapeutic. While there are already thousands of coloring book options online, you can always create new ones based on the latest trends and themes.

Coloring books and sheets for kids usually feature characters or animals. For adults, popular designs are mandalas, plants, or even abstract elements. Now, if you are worried that you won't be able to tap into this niche since not everybody is blessed with artistic skills, stop. You don't need to be an artist to publish coloring books.

There are thousands of ready-made vector images that you can download from the internet. Search for done-for-you coloring pages that fit your theme. You can choose to buy them from the sites or get free ones. Simply put the pages together based on your chosen theme and you have a book ready for publishing.

Children's Activity Books

Activity books for kids are very popular, but the market is quite saturated. You will need to find a good keyword to target to be able to sell your pages. The good news is that new keywords for activity books pop up because. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the latest trends in the kids' world.

An example of a popular activity book for children is word search. You can easily come up with different themes for this content. You can make it a little educational and showcase science-related words, or you can follow the trend and hide the names of popular cartoon characters amidst the grid of letters.

Maze puzzle books, I Spy books, and dot-to-dot books are also very profitable if you can find a niche that is not yet saturated. Again, you can opt to make the puzzle books educational by sticking to a school subject-related theme like reading or history. Or, you can also stick to popular trends like unicorns or fairy themes.

For this type of low-content book, you can use software that makes puzzle books. There are numerous puzzle generators online. Some offer their output for free while others require payment. The problem with most free puzzle generators is that you can't use their outputs commercially, so you might have to purchase software for this.

Adult's Activity Books


Just like the books designed for children, activity books made for adults are quite popular. And while the niche is saturated at this time, there are still opportunities to find here. All you need to do is to niche down. Do your research and find low-competition keywords that you can explore.

Instead of researching just "Adult Activity Books," make sure that you do a highly targeted search like "activity books for working adults". This will allow you to find underserved niches and create specific activity books.

Activity books for adults can be made up of brain teasers, logic puzzles, wordplay, math, Sudoku, word scrambles, and more. And just like with the children's activity books, you may need to pay for a puzzle generator that will enable you to create certain activity pages.


While lined journals may be the easiest low-content book to create, they may not be the most lucrative of choices when you are looking for opportunities for generating passive income. That is why it is ideal to consider making other types of materials to sell online. And there are countless options for you to explore.

Making activity books, puzzle sheets, logbooks, and such will take more time and effort, but it can result in more sales for you. Since the market for certain low-content books is getting saturated, it is best to make that extra effort and continuously look for underserved niches.

Don't settle for generic low-content pages that others are already selling. Find that unique twist that can only come from you. Do your research, prioritize quality, and put that extra effort into making your custom content, and you will surely reap the benefits for a very long time.