Eve White Literary Agency Review: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Eve White Literary Agency Review Heres What You Need To Know

A literary agent is a star who guides your writing career path. Because their work is commission-based, they are genuinely interested in your career. They know what publishers are looking for, and their goal is to make sure your novel is polished and ready for the publisher of your dreams.

Eve White Literary Agency is one such organization.

Eve White Literary Agency Review: Here’S What You Need To Know!

Where are they based?

This agency is based in London, England.

Address: 15 Alderney St, Pimlico, London SW1V 4ES, United Kingdom/ 53 Gloucester St, Pimlico, London SW1V 4EG, UK 

Contact details

Eve White Literary Agency

Twitter: @evewhiteagency 

Phone: 020 7630 1155

Website: evewhite.co.uk

Email: fiction@evewhite.co.uk nonfiction@evewhite.co.uk childrens@evewhite.co.uk 

How to contact the company

How To Contact The Company

You can either call the agency using the phone number listed above or send them an email using the addresses listed above.

Don’t send a snail mail or an online form.

Make sure you use the correct email: that’s the only way the agency can get back to you.

If you are contacting the company to inquire about a submission you were hoping to get a response for, I suggest you first check your spam folder. If there's no response from the agency just yet, you can contact them again, stating the name of your submission and the exact email address you sent your proposal to.

Are they legit?

Eve White Literary Agency is a legit company that has represented best-selling, debut, and prize-winning authors since 2003, after its founding by Eve White, a former English actress.

The agency is also part of the Association of Authors’ Agents.

Eve White is passionate about the authors she represents and strives to create a close relationship with them. She helps them find their foot in writing and guides their editorial journey.

When she started her company, her vision was to create a boutique agency that gave authors comradeship and made them feel understood and cared for. Her goal was to make sure that every author who came through her door found massive success, however small they were.

She has managed to do this successfully over the years. Her efforts paid off in 2015 and 2017 when she made it to The British Book Awards, Literary Agent of the Year.

What they offer: services

What They Offer: Services

Eve White Literary Agency represents:

·         Fiction authors – literary/commercial

·         Non-fiction authors

·         Children’s books

Would you like to send a submission for your fiction book?

Would You Like To Send A Submission For Your Fiction Book?

First, the agency accepts emailed submissions only.

Your submission email should include a cover letter stating your book's word count.

If it's a fictional book – adult/children, you can attach a single word document that includes the first three chapters and a one-page synopsis of the plot.

The format of your word submission should be {Title} followed by {Your Name}

Send adult fiction to fiction@evewhite.co.uk and children fiction to childrens@evewhite.co.uk 


First, the agency accepts emailed submissions only.

Your submission email should include a cover letter that states the word count or estimated word count

Attach three separate word documents with an updated CV, proposal, and the book's synopsis

The word documents should be named as follows:

·         {Title} – {Your Name} for the proposal

·         {Title} – {Your Name} for the book’s synopsis

·         {Title} – {Your Name} for your updated CV.

The correct email for non-fiction should be nonfiction@evewhite.co.uk

What have people said about them

What Have People Said About Them

People have nothing but good things to say about Eve White Literary Agency. She works closely with the authors she represents and guides them throughout the challenging publication process.

My agent Eve White helped me tremendously. I don't know what I would have done without her guidance. She has been by my side from the beginning, supporting me unconditionally with extreme professionalism. She became a friend and helped me stay focused and determined through the difficult times. The agency, "Eve White Agency," has an exceptional team. Rebecca Winfield, Ludo Cinelli, and Eve White have been instrumental in my writing career.”  Jane Shemilt,

Jane Shemilt is a phenomenal writer. She has written bestsellers such as The Daughter: (2014), The Playground: (2019), How Far We Fall: (2018), and The Patient: (2022). The Daughter (2014) was the fastest-selling 2014 debut novel and was nominated and shortlisted for the Edgar Award and Lucy Cavendish Award.

I owe a lot to Eve White, my literary agent. She was enthusiastic, tenacious, supportive, and friendly with me. She gave me powerful advice and held my hand, guiding me through the process, even when I was unsure about what I was doing. The agency prides itself on professionalism, efficiency, and enthusiasm. Every client is treated well, and their individuality is respected. Working with Eve White Literary Agency made me feel valued as a writer. I know that they are all behind me, cheering me on and wishing me the best.” Saskia Sarginson

Saskia Sarginson is a famous English author. She is the author of The Twins: (2013), The Central Line: (2022), Without You: (2014), and How It Ends: (2018), among others. Her books have been translated to over fifteen different languages, and The Twins, her debut book, was a bestselling novel. It was also nominated for the Richard & Judy Book Club. 

I understand writing is a journey where most writers tread alone. However, I am extremely grateful to Eve White and her incredible team for never leaving my side every step of the way. Her agency looked after me extremely well and gave me a place I could call "home." I am forever grateful for everything they've done for me and everything they've continued doing over the years.” Fergus McNeill.

You might meet the cheerful Professor Fergus McNeill as you walk through the streets of the University of Glasgow. He is an expert in criminology, social work, justice research, and crime. He has written books such as Broken Fall (2015), Eye Contact (2012), Ashes of America (2019), Knife Edge (2013), and Cut Out (2014), among others.  

Eve White has been on my side every step of the way. She helps me figure out the map, guiding me and telling me the shortest routes, u-turns, dangerous no-go-zones, and the best roads to get to my destination. Above everything else, Eve White has never tried to change me or what I love to do and write about. Not once did she try to take over the ship and steer it in the direction she wanted. She always lets me have the final word, but with her on my side, I am confident that the decisions I’ve made are the right ones, not just for me, but for my career too.” Ruth Ware

Ruth Ware is a successful novelist. She is the author of intriguing psychological thrillers such as “One by One, “In a Dark, Dark Wood,” “The Turn of the Key,” “The Woman in Cabin 10,” and “The Lying Game,” among others.

“I am very grateful to Eve White and her agency for believing in my dream and my desire to write something I loved. I loved her dedication to my work and determination to make it the best book ever.” Yvvette Edwards.

I am happy I chose Eve White Literary Agency at the right time in my career, just as I was starting. Her warmth and friendliness are reflected in her interactions with her team, the authors she represents, and the agency she runs. Not once did I feel alone or unsupported." Abie Longstaff, the author of The Fairytale Hairdresser, is a beautiful children's book.


Any concerns you should be aware of

The agency isn’t accepting picture book submissions at the moment.

The rejection rate is relatively high, so that is something you should keep in mind.

Some people have complained about receiving links to other services and ads in rejection emails, such as paid editorial services.

Your submission is sent to the agency in general and not to Eve White herself, as you would expect.

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