can You write a book in 3 months?

The time it takes to write an 80,000-word book depends on how many words you write per day.

Can You Write A Book In 3 Months?

For each author, this number will vary greatly as we all have different schedules, different typing speeds, and, god forbid writer's block creeps in and puts a spanner in the whole process!

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I used the book writing calculator to break down different daily writing goals. The calculation below is based on writing an 80,000-word book:

Daily Writing Goals 1
Daily writing average500 words1,000 words1,500 words
Length of book80,000 words80,000 words80,000 words
Daily editing average500 words1,000 words1,500 words
Number of drafts111
Holidays/Days off141414
Finish Your Book In...174 days94 days67 days

As you can see, writing a book in 3-months is absolutely doable, especially when you stick to the 1000 words per day minimum.

Even with a few days off here and there, you are still in the 3 month ball park which gives you a bit of room if you only wish to take a few days off and hammer your book out.

Likewise, you do not need to limit yourself to 1,000 words if you are feeling inspired or in the mood. Some days, you may surprise yourself and write 3000 words effortlessly due to the momentum (those days are great!

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Formatting Your Manuscript & Book Cover Design

Of course, this timeline does not include things like formatting the actual book for publishing or printing. It also does not include cover design which can be a big task if you are not particularly art-savvy.

Not to worry, I constantly exercise my outsourcing button when it comes to these things, personally! There are so many amazing and affordable graphic designers over on Fiverr waiting to design you a professional cover. I also find the turnaround times to be pretty decent.