Can You Use The Amazon KDP Logo to Promote Your Book?

Many new and upcoming authors are unaware of the rules of KDP. In fact, many new authors get stuck wondering if they can use the Amazon KDP logo to promote their books? It is good to know this and more so that you don’t break the rules.

Amazon has started cracking down on authors who they find have been breaking the terms of their TOS. So, it’s imperative that you know what's allowed during not only publishing your book but also well marketing. 

So, today we are tackling the question can you use the Amazon KDP logo to promote your book? Our aim is that by the end of reading this you will be in the know of exactly what are the best practices for using the Amazon logo when it comes to your book promotion. Let’s get to it!

Can You Use The Amazon Kdp Logo To Promote Your Book?

So, Can You Use The Amazon KDP Logo to Promote Your Book?

So, Can You Use The Amazon Kdp Logo To Promote Your Book?

This depends on the nature of what you are promoting and the specific image that you are using. You can only use Amazon's logo in very specific ways on your website. They will come after you if they discover that you are misusing their brand in some way on one of your pages.  

The books of authors and publishers have been removed until the offending items have been removed or fixed.  Other authors have been denied access to their marketing, affiliate programs, and advantage.

In Amazon’s Brand Usage Guidelines and brand permissions, everything is spelled out for you.  We've covered some of the highlights here, but you can also check Amazon's Guidelines to ensure you're following the most current version of their rules.

The Amazon website indicates that sellers/authors are prohibited from using any Amazon logos or trademarks, other than the Amazon Badge, in marketing materials or product listings (whether offline or online or offline) without written consent from Amazon.

It is important to keep updated with Amazon's rules, as they can change over time.

Can You Use The Amazon Marks Or Affiliate Buttons to Promote Your Book?

Here are some of the most relevant sections, copied and pasted directly from the Amazon Trademark Usage Policies...

0Z2Oe1Tfj49Dtdyfl9Bvly Pnmgsd0Ulmwpkofcinhgg1Kt1Jritfneruo3Udkfp0Wbrudombqwuihqykmuvsbvtza4C7Bnvd6Y1Fnadl6Rolxqabloo26Uvv T6Kwlqfmtdpdh Gxepmnjaaq

Note: Compliance must always be adhered to, and any violation will terminate any license related to your Amazon access and programs.

This is where things get confusing. The first point reads exactly as follows...

Mqjxlhim4142By1Rshyncnbmbautrw Rcgwogwf1L 3Updn43Rf11Snwfufnoq1Zwjejki6Buz9Vkfpzhhoowqrs6Bsdclts W Cd Vvhysauogyxlnacygdbpvig3Wn7Z428Qhjf9Mkeznag

In the beginning, it clearly states, "You may use the Amazon Brands" - but at the end, it states, "With a corresponding special link to that site." To me - it appears that the use of Amazon Brands is allowed IF you are also using a special link (an Amazon affiliate link) to link to a product on Amazon. The guideline immediately following that states…

Rxdd5Edh6Nyi6Ellqhgtmyp2 Yma8M5Mlxu7Dwr9Lpcqskk Lv3Vrzuehcqmoqcshfvgjbgfokfjeu4Au0Buiwcmyw5J 5Noeedoavvgdgetti3Dvv8Lcwmf3Yhls2Raeppv5Wweijjswbieha

Unfortunately, we are only permitted to use images or images of Amazon Marks that they supply us with. However, those images are in short supply. And you need to be mindful of the fact that they cannot edit the images given.

The buttons we are been graciously allowed to use include:

  1. The Available at Amazon Badge
The Available At Amazon Badge
  1. Amazon Buy Now Marks/Badges
Amazon Buy Now Marks/Badges

Important To Remember: The Amazon Trademark Usage agreement and the approved Marks may be modified by Amazon at any time. Amazon reserves the right to take appropriate action against any usage without permission or that does not meet the terms of this agreement.

Other Amazon Rules Many Authors Aren’t Aware of

Other Amazon Rules Many Authors Aren’t Aware Of

Could You Say, “Amazon #1 Best Selling Author”?

I learned that we aren't allowed to mention 'Amazon #1 Best Selling Author' without permission when reading the rules.  Using their #1 stamp is definitely not permitted without permission, and you need to get their permission.

If you do not include Amazon, you can still say "#1 Best Selling Author."

Should You Write “” in Lowercase? must be capitalized. In newsletters or on your website, if you ask people to check out something on, you are violating Amazon's brand use policy if you do not capitalize "Amazon.".

Can I Use Certain Amazon Related Phrases on My Website or Blog?

This depends on the phrase. Below are some Amazon-related brands you aren't allowed to use without written permission:

  • Kindle
  • Subscribe and Save
  • Look Inside the Book
  • Amazon Mom
  • Deal of the Day
  • Gold Box
  • One-Click
  • Seller Central

For your safety, you must get permission to use these branded phrases.  If you'd like to use Amazon's brand, logo, or phrases, you can request permission via their email. Along with this:

  • Black and white images of the Amazon logo are not allowed.  Their brand colors must be used.
  • Shadows cannot be dropped behind their logo, nor can you outline it.
  • Their logo cannot be modified in any way.  The logos should be downloaded from the Amazon site and not from Google.

What If I Design My Own Call to Action Images and Buttons?

If you wish to use the words "Shop Now" or "Preorder Now," you must avoid using anything that resembles an Amazon button. They will see that as an infringement on their brand.

Additionally, you should avoid overpromising with an enticing phrase such as “treat yourself”.

Remember the 5th rule in the Amazon Trademark Guidelines:

So, be sure to leave a reasonable amount of space between the images that you create and the branded images you receive from Amazon. It's always best to simply use the images as are on their own to avoid complications. However, if you must include your own design be sure to double-check the updated guidelines before posting or sharing your images anywhere.

Where Can I Find Amazon Approved Images For Marketing?

Where Can I Find Amazon Approved Images For Marketing?

You can find Amazon’s approved image files here:

Images and Logos for Kindle Devices

Logos and badges from Amazon

Before you save the image (right-click and choose Save Image As), click on the Download link or click on the image to open it in full-screen. Please do not right-click on the tiny image because you will get a small, low-resolution image.) 

You can then place an actual page from your book on the screen (such as your front cover). (Be sure that the result looks exactly like what it will when a customer views it on the actual device). You can use one of the badges that include the words "Available on Amazon Kindle" or one of the other approved badges.


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