Can You Sell eBooks on Shopify?

With so many eCommerce platforms available on the Internet today, you have endless options for selling items for a profit. And, there is a website growing in popularity every day, that can make selling stuff a breeze: Shopify.

But the question is: can you sell eBooks on Shopify?

This store traditionally deals with physical items that are bought and sold all over the world. But of recent, Shopify has expanded its eCommerce library to include many digital items.

In this guide, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about selling eBooks on Shopify and how to get set up for success on this large digital platform.

Can You Sell Ebooks On Shopify?

Can You Sell eBooks on Shopify?

Can You Sell Ebooks On Shopify?

Fortunately, selling eBooks on Shopify is not only possible, but it is super easy to set up. In fact, it is one of the easiest platforms to get started on.

Shopify makes things seamless for authors and publishers by offering the “Digital Downloads” app, which allows people to download - or upload - digital files for sale.

This multi-faceted platform also allows for additional in-app downloads to help automate the process of buying or selling eBooks on Shopify.

Keep reading to learn how to sell eBooks on Shopify in a few easy steps!

Sell Ebooks On Shopify
sell ebooks on shopify

How to Sell eBooks on Shopify

How To Sell Ebooks On Shopify

Selling eBooks on Shopify is as easy as downloading an app - literally! It only takes a few steps to start making money with digital eBooks online:

Step 1: Download the "Digital Downloads App"

The first thing you need to sell eBooks on Shopify successfully is to download the Digital Downloads app. You can download it to your computer, phone, or tablet for easy access. The best way to download it is from the “Apps” tab on your account page when you log into Shopify.

Step 2: Add Your Digital File

Now that you have downloaded Digital Downloads, you might want to familiarize yourself with the app for a while. You can adjust settings, filter downloads, and add preferences.

Add your digital product by uploading it through the app to your Shopify store. You can usually only attach one file at a time, so you will have to attach a document or a .zip file that contains several documents.

Step 3: Add Product

Click the “Products” tab on your Digital Downloads app and then click “Add Product”. Here is where you can insert your file and add a title and description of your content. Make sure you fill out every part of the form, including relevant cover images and prices.

Don’t forget to actually attach your file, and then post your product for sale!

Step 4: View in Your Shop!

Once you have added your attachments, completed the descriptions, and posted the product for sale through your Shopify Admin page, your eBook is officially on the market! You can click “View In Your Shopify Admin” to see stats and sales.

Pros and Cons of Selling eBooks on Shopify

Selling eBooks on Shopify is a breeze, but it’s not for everyone. Take a look at some pros and cons to see if Shopify is the right eBook platform for you.


  • No startup fees or costs. You don’t have to pay to put your book on Shopify!
  • Digital Downloads is easy to use. After Shopify released the Digital Downloads app, it has become easier than ever to upload and sell eBooks. Many people argue that using the app directly is more straightforward than publishing on competing eBook platforms!
  • Easier access to digital goods. In today’s ever-changing world, it is good to give people easy access to goods and services at the touch of a button. You can simply upload your book, and people can immediately buy it.
  • You don’t need money to get started. Selling eBooks on Shopify is a great small business idea when you are in a financial bind and don’t have a lot of money to fund your work.
  • You do not need a literary agent.


  • Shopify takes a percentage of sales. While you can make a lot of money selling eBooks, using Shopify’s platform requires you to give up a percentage of the royalties to Shopify.
  • Users on Shopify are not typically using Shopify to find books as there are so many more targeted platforms for this, (namely IngramSpark, Amazon KDP, D2D etc.)

Can You Sell Other Digital Downloads on Shopify?

Can You Sell Other Digital Downloads On Shopify?

Yes, with the Digital Downloads app on Shopify, you can sell just about any kind of digital product. As long as you can upload it in one of the required file types and write an accurate description, you should be able to sell it on Shopify.

Some vendors have become popular selling guides videos audio books, automated lessons and more.


Using Shopify to sell eBooks is easier than ever, and with just a few simple steps, you can sell your eBooks on Shopify today. To get started, make sure you have an admin account within Shopify, and then download the Digital Downloads app. You can use this to sell and buy eBooks and other digital goodies.

What are you waiting for? Start selling your eBooks!

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