Can Ai Write Poetry? This Hack Might Help You Write Your First Book Of Poems

Can ai write poetry? It can't be that hard, right? We have already shown you how ai can write novels and help you to finish your book if you have writer's block. But what about poems? Could that same technology write poems?

Well, it turns out that the answer to this question is not so simple. Since software like Jarvis and Headlime have been getting a lot of attention for their writing capabilities, a lot of people have been asking if artificial intelligence can produce poems and other more creative types of writing.

Some say yes: with a lot of tweaking it can, while others refuse to believe it can happen anytime soon. The truth is somewhere in the middle. As I have already explained here in this post, as of 2021, ai still has its creative limitations and will not be replacing human writers just yet.

The majority of the time when you see something like "written by AI," it means that software was used to filter or create some type of data (like images) without human input.

But in recent years there has been an increase in programs designed specifically for generating creative outputs like music, art, books (mostly fact-based non-fiction), and more.

Can Ai Write Poetry? This Hack Might Help You Write Your First Book Of Poems

How Can AI Write Poetry?

Similar to how it writes with books, the top ai software on the market can actually be used to improve upon existing art – for example, helping a poet write better poems or an artist produce work faster – but it struggles to create something high quality from nothing without human input.

In other words, don't expect it to write anything groundbreaking on its own, it just won't happen!

However, even if ai writing software is no Shakespeare bot, a decent writer can indeed utilize it to improve their work.

And that can be done in two distinct ways:

  1. Taking existing material and changing it, or ameliorating it.
  2. Seeing where the ai tool is going, and guiding it or using it to nudge you.

Can Jarvis AI Write Poetry?

Can Jarvis Ai Write Poetry?

Jarvis has a writing template named "Creative Story", and the tagline is "Write deliciously creative stories to engage your readers."

I decided to test it to see how well it does at writing something from scratch that I can work with. As you will notice, Jarvis has a good sense of humor! But, while he does spew out some garbage as he tries to find his footing, he does have some creative gems - maybe he doesn't even realize it.

So while it is hard to get him to rhyme or be consistent in tone, he does do a good job at throwing out some words and phrases in hopes that you can lead him to something better.

I was able to use the text he gave me and string together a little love poem, so I can see how this can help you write poetry if you are stuck or need some brain food. And despite what is said about ai and creativity, what the ai is attempting to do here can indeed be considered creative.

After all, I didn't think of it myself!

Can Ai Write Poetry?

It can't hurt to try it out yourself and see what happens! If you want to give Jasper AI a whirl, click here.

* The only thing I will say, though, is with the 10,000 credits you get with my free trial link above, you might find that you use them up quite quickly just trying to generate something of quality. And you may find yourself sat there wasting time hitting shuffle!

What I did here was just a bit of fun, but if you are serious about writing poetry or a book of poems, a poetry writing prompts book might serve you better or, you might want to go ahead and pay for the unlimited Jarvis subscription so you can mess around with it properly.