BookSends For Authors: Is It Worth It?

Would you feel comfortable launching a million-dollar product using a single social media post as your only form of marketing?

Highly unlikely, right?

Unfortunately, many new others believe this to be true about launching their books. Book marketing, like any other product, relies on a strategic launch plan, not a single social media post.

Among these are a dedicated book launch, possible media coverage, updated author pages, advertising, advanced reviews, social media attention, as well as a number of short-term and long-term initiatives.

However, what if you already have a great plan, but need more sales? The answer was simply based on the interwebs. They say using a good book promotion site like BookSends will boost your short-term sales quickly. But is BookSends still worth it for authors? Today we find out.

Booksends For Authors: Is It Worth It?

So, BookSends For Authors: Is It Worth It?

It definitely can be. Independent writers are promised categorical marketability and success with BookSends, an innovative publisher of self-published books. To raise readers' awareness about the written word, it collaborates with other digital platforms. 

What Is BookSends?

What Is Booksends?

Put simply, it is a free daily email service that provides deals on selected genres of books. Potential readers get information on the day's best deals and the links to purchase them in through their email.

BookSends is available to both authors and readers. In addition to bestselling fiction and nonfiction across all genres, it offers thousands of free and low-priced deals on digital copies of bestselling books. Using this service, independent writers can publish and advertise their work at a reduced cost with a surefire guarantee of reaching a wider audience.

What Are The Requirements To Use BookSends?

What Are The Requirements To Use Booksends?

The minimum requirements for BookSends are as follows:

  • You should have a minimum of five reviews with a high overall star rating and an attractive cover.
  • Your book needs to be full-length and available on Kindle.
  • At least 50% of your book’s full price must be discounted at the time of the prospective BookSends promotion, and the discounted price must be less than $3.
  • Only one book may be submitted at a time.
  • A book will not be featured more than once in a 90-day period.

What Are The Benefits Of Using BookSends:

What Are The Benefits Of Using Booksends:

There are six main benefits of using BookSends for authors. These are:

  • The platform carries an extensive selection of titles from every genre at reduced prices. So, if you want to find new ebooks without spending a great deal of money, this is the place to go.
  • BookSends assists authors not only in promoting their books but also in keeping them highly marketable. 
  • In its daily newsletter, Booksends consistently promotes featured books to its thousands of subscribers. 
  • The results of the BookSends service for authors are extremely promising, while it is fairly priced.
  • There is an Amazon affiliate program linked to BookSends that can help authors improve their performance. 
  • A publisher can help you get your book into the content library. Considering the intensifying competition among independent authors, there is no better option than to invest in a book promotion service such as BookSends, since evidently, your chances out there can dwindle and dwindle.

How Expensive Is BookSends?

On BookSends, the promotion price is determined by the genre and sale price of your book. The prices are as follows (as of June 2022, be sure to double-check the BookSends website to ensure the prices have not changed):

GenreNumber of Potential Readers BookSends Will EmailSales Price Of BookCost To Run Promotion
Romance (Exclusive New Release Promo)44,500FREE$0.99$249$249
Free Book of the Day120,000FREE$125
Mysteries/Thrillers (Exclusive New Release Promo)57,500FREE$0.99$249$249
Epic Fantasy26,000FREE$0.99$1.99$2.99$50$25$35$50
Erotic Romance16,000FREE$0.99$1.99$2.99$75$40$60$80
Science Fiction24,000FREE$0.99$1.99$2.99$50$35$50$70
Paranormal/URban Fantasy26,000FREE$0.99$1.99$2.99$50$35$50$70
Christian/Religious Fiction22,500FREE$0.99$1.99$2.99$50$30$45$60
Action Adventure35,000FREE$0.99$1.99$2.99$50$40$60$80
Women’s Fiction29,000FREE$0.99$1.99$2.99$50$40$60$80
Children’s Books16,500FREE$0.99$1.99$2.99$25$10$15$20

Does BookSends Offer Other Services To Authors?

Does Booksends Offer Other Services To Authors?

Yes, BookSends also offers professional editing services. A highly capable team of editors at BookSends not only ensures absolute marketability through imbuing editing but also provides in-depth proofreading and coaching services.

What Is the Cost of the Editing and Proofreading Services by BookSends?

What Is The Cost Of The Editing And Proofreading Services By Booksends?

New clients are entitled to two free pages of edits as a sample. Outside of this, BookSends editing prices are as follows: 

All-Inclusive Line & Content Editing: $0.011 per word.

This plan allows for a detailed analysis of the story, including dialogue, plot, tone, characterization, coherence, and structure, as well as thorough scrutiny of the writing.

General Line Editing: $0.0095

In this plan, you will receive corrections and feedback on sentence structure, grammar, style, diction, progression, as well as typos and smaller errors in the written construction of your story.

Proofreading: $0.005

During this process, all typographical errors or obvious grammatical errors that remain before publication will be addressed.

Author Coaching: Price Will Be Given Upon Inquiry

Aside from improving one or more specific texts, we can assess an author's platform and create a strategy to reach their goals. A relationship is built through ongoing communication and sharing of the often lonely journey to success of being an author.

Note: Editing services are billed 50% upfront and 50% upon completion.


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