Can You Use AI To Write A Book? The Best AI Novel Writing Software

Over the years, AI technology has made some impressive advancements. It has gone from churning out incoherent or spun content to writing full, unique, and factually correct text. But how good is the most popular AI novel writing software? And, can you use AI to write a full book?

I am going to cut to the chase and tell you straight up, yes!

You can use AI to write a book. And I have stepped my publishing game up tremendously using a single tool ? Jasper!

You've probably heard of it or seen an advert somewhere, but if not, my video below will cover how you can use it to write your book.

I have tried way too many ai tools on the market, and quite frankly - most of them are a waste of time. You aren't going to get any sort of creativity out of them and they all give the feel of a rip-off of the main event.

Because I had tried them in the past, I was apprehensive. But I have seen this tool go from strength to strength, from ai novel writing to poetry, and really, as far as your creativity will take you.

It can learn key information about your scenes, characters, and story plot as well as help you kick through writer's block (and that it does!

Day in-day out...). So without further ado, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of this tool and learn how you can use it to 10 x your publishing business!

But if you don't want to read the entire post, here is my gift to you:

10,000 Free Words, to try it out for yourself, no credit card required!

Can You Use Ai To Write A Book? The Best Ai Novel Writing Software

What Is Ai Novel Writing Software

AI novel writing software is a new, ai-driven approach to writing a book. The software is designed around a neural network algorithm that learns your preferred style of words and sentence lengths over time as you work on it together.

It's a way for anyone who has ever been stuck with writer's block or lacks the creativity needed to complete their novel can finally get unstuck. There are a few apps that offer this service, and they all vary in quality, so we're going to explore them for you.

But first, let's answer and go over some of the most common questions and concerns when it comes to ai book writing.

How Ai Can Help You Write A Book

Ai can help you write a book by reading the previous chapters and processing your feedback as you type more. Ai saves time so that you are able to focus on typing the new chapter.

It also makes sure there is consistency between chapters, syncing all of your typed information with other documents and looking up articles that may have been misspelled in the process of writing. 

For example, if you mentioned the color of the boat you have been describing in previous chapters when the ai tool writes for you, it will make a note of this and include it in the work.

Finally, ai can also be a great way to get a fresh perspective on work. It can help you find typos or errors in your writing that may have been missed by the human eye and offer some much-needed suggestions for improvement.

There are a few different web applications that have been praised for how well their ai software works, but in my experience, only one meets the mark (and you will agree with me after you try it for yourself).

Image 12

10,000 Free Words, to try it out for yourself, no credit card required!

Use AI To Write Your Novel In Multiple Languages (25+)

Ai Novel Writing In Multiple Languages

One of the ways that I have been able to multiple my publishing income, is by having my book translated into multiple different languages. Most publishers just aren't doing that! They write their book, upload it to KDP or Ingramspark, and then forget about it - barely making any sales.

Most people are put off by paying somebody hundreds, or even thousands to translate their book into just one language let alone multiple.

Jasper presents a solution for that.

Jasper: Top Recommended ai book writer

Jasper AI (formerly known as Jarvis AI, formerly formerly known as Conversion AI) was designed to help marketers streamline their SEO businesses by writing copy, emails, articles, etc.

However, the tool can do so much more than this, and that is why you are reading this post now! Jasper AI allows you to write creative text and get help from AI with the click of a button.

Screenshot 2021 07 26 At 14.23.46

I recommend Jasper as an AI book writer or at least, an AI book writing companion because of how the Boss Mode feature works; you write, it writes, you write, it writes, and so on.

This way, you can tailor your writing and tone and write as much or as little as you want before asking the AI to step in and assist you. You will find that this stops your text from sounding inauthentic or robotic. Just take a look at my post, 25 Zombie Book Titles And Story Ideas to see how he fares with creative writing!

Use AI To Write Book Descriptions

In this video, I wrote a book description using Jasper. In seconds, I had a quality book description to use on my Amazon KDP sales page. It was just an example - but I wanted to show how quick and effortless it takes a command and creates something compelling and original.

Most people do not take the time to craft their book sales page and they are missing a trick. AI just helps make all of those little extras to help sell your book that much easier.

Coupled with Publisher Rocket, my publishing business has never been better!

Who Uses Ai Novel Writing Software To Write A Book

Who Uses Ai Novel Writing Software To Write A Book

This is a bit of an odd question, as anybody can use the software. However, I think while it isn't very popular yet, it will eventually be most popular amongst authors with writer's block or people who have an idea for a book they have been sitting on for years but have not yet started.

Are you ready to embrace new technology, or will you be left behind? Additionally, did you know that very few authors have been using AI to produce very human-like audiobooks for pocket change? (And not the Amazon Polly or Microsoft Sam kind, either!)

The Pros And Cons Of Ai Writing

For many people, this is a brand new concept and good news overall. But there is always a dark side.


  • It will help writers through their writer's block.
  • Allows you to create unique content with the click of a button.
  • It helps you to write a book or finish a book a lot faster.
  • You can finally turn your ideas into real books by using the tool to guide your chapters.
  • It can work for both fiction and nonfiction books.
  • With an AI book writer, you get out what you put in. So give it enough good quality information and writing and you will get the same back, in theory.


  • It is a paid service. The monthly costs will likely add up a lot faster than your book sales.
  • Not the best option for people on a budget.
  • Writers have reported that they feel a disconnect from ai.
  • It can take some time to get used to how ai works, and you might feel like it takes away your creativity.
  • A lot of people are not happy with the quality of most tools or say it needs a lot of tweaking.
  • The technology will allow spammers to over saturate the market with low-quality computer-generated books that are incoherent.

The Technology Will Allow Spammers To Over Saturate The Market With Low-Quality Computer-Generated Books That Are Incoherent.

- Con

This is probably the biggest con of all. There is always a select few that ruin it for everybody. I believe that once this technology becomes more mainstream, there will be a bunch of "writers" that spam very low-quality books on the market, which will, in turn, have negative repercussions on the self-publishing industry altogether.

This is the dark side I am referring to.

While Headlime has something in place which stops you from just generating an entire 25k words in one go, I am sure a workaround will surface.

With that being said, in the right hands, these tools will be a life-saver for writers and a way to get a book published in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

The Best Ai Novel Writing Software For You

As mentioned above, I have used many ai writing tools. Headlime and Jasper have been the best and I found them both to be good but for different reasons. They have different price tags, but both offer free trials, so I would recommend trying both and going from there.


Headlime offers a free trial. Once that free trial is up, they also offer an extended trial which allows you to pay $7 and use the platform for an additional seven days.

1500 CreditsUnlimited* usage (*with fair use)
25 LanguagesAll features included
14-day Money Back GuaranteeAllows collaborations
White-labeled experience
14-day Money Back Guarantee

Jasper (Formerly known As Jarvis)

The Jasper free trial, I would say, offers better value. However, nothing is stopping you from trying the two, just do not do them at the same time as you do not want to waste any time or credits when you could put them to good use.


The Jasper free trial gives you 10,000 words which is actually insane value as far as free trials go.

20,000 WordsUnlimited WordsUnlimited Words
25 Languages""
7-day Money Back Guarantee""

I have also tried using Jasperai to write poetry. To see how creative the best ai software can actually get!

10,000 Free Words, to try it out for yourself, no credit card required!

Do I Need An Editor With Ai Novel Writing Software

Do I Need An Editor With Ai Novel Writing Software

These Ai writing tools are not perfect, and they will sometimes write a lot of fluff or just downright lie to you, lol.

It is kind of funny when you read it back, but you shouldn't blindly trust what it says, despite how confident it might sound!

So yes, you definitely need an editor for the content it generates for you, or you need to take on the role of an editor yourself, which makes more sense.

If you edit it as you go, you will find it is a lot less pressure, and with the help of other tools like Grammarly, this should be a breeze.

So while nobody NEEDS an editor, it is highly recommended. Editing ensures that stories are developed with quality.

Did You Know Grammarly Is An AI Tool?

Many people who are against AI but use Grammarly actually don't know that Grammarly is an AI tool! We use AI a lot more than we realize nowadays. Grammarly also takes a lot of the work out for you when it comes to editing and finding errors in a document.

Is It Worth Using Ai Story Writer Software To Finish Your Book?

Weighing up the costs of using an AI story writer to finish your book, you will need to decide what finishing your book is worth to you. Sure, there is ample ai novel writing software to help you do it, but is it worth it?

I guess the best thing is that if you decide you need more from the service after the free trial, you do not need to commit to paying an annual fee, and both services also offer a money-back guarantee.

If you just want to complete your book no matter what, then you probably have all the information you need to go off and do that right now! (Let me know how it goes)

If your aim is to make money from self-publishing, then you will need to think this through.

Is Ai Generated Text Plagiarism?

The use of Ai-generated text in plagiarism is a controversial topic. Some say as long as it's not plagiarizing, it doesn't matter whether or not the text is generated by an AI. Others argue that this may be falling victim to the technological society we live in, where increasing reliance on science leads to a form of extreme skepticism.

The fact is, Ai-Generated Text is not plagiarism. Ai-Generated text is a text that has been generated by an AI entity, created to mimic the discourse of human beings. An AI entity can produce different variations of the same sentence, and they will be considered as unique texts (discounting language/grammatical errors).

Is There A Free Ai Story Writer I Can Use?

The closest you will get to a free ai writer is by using a free trial. I often recommend the Jasper AI trial as you are not required to enter any credit card information or be roped into any recurring fees unless you truly want to continue using the software.

The ai technology used to generate text and learn speech patterns, requires credits to work. So, if anybody is offering a free ai story writer tool (beyond a limited trial of the software), it is unlikely that it is genuinely using the most advanced (GPT-3) algorithm.

5 Alternative AI Book Writing Tools

Although I am hugely biased and love Jasper, there are a few contenders. Most of these tools are aimed at marketers and business owners, however, and may not be the best option if you do not need all the additional features.

Nonetheless, here they are:

  • Headlime
  • Nichesss
  • Writesonic
  • Copy AI


Headlime and Jasper are excellent options for somebody looking for novel writing software that will produce quality content in a reliable manner without generating a lot of inconsistencies or fluff.

It is important to remember that these tools are still in infancy, and you should always do your due diligence. I am sharing this information on ai novel writing software for people who want to push through that writer's block or barrier stopping them from hitting publish and accomplishing their dream of having a book on Amazon. Not so that you abuse the tech and punish everyone while doing it...

Go and be great!

Books Written by Ai (Jasper Ai Specifically)

For inspiration, here are some books written by ai, too!

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