12 UK Book Marketing Services for Authors (Best In 2024)

Are you on the hunt for a credible marketing service for your book? I understand what a tedious task this can be, considering the different book marketing services on offer singly or in packages from service providers in the United Kingdom.

That said, you are in the right place, as this article attempts to narrow down your search and gather the different book marketing services for in-depth analysis and scrutiny to make it easy for you to settle on one.

Though some book marketing service providers take in authors of particular genres, this review is about all book marketing service providers in general, irrespective of your genre of authorship. These are the 12 UK book marketing services for authors you can consider today:

  1. Silverwood Books
  2. Cameron Publicity & Marketing
  3. PR for Books
  4. Palamedes
  5. Bounce Marketing
  6. The Book Publicist
  7. Smith Publicity
  8. AuthorAMP
  9. Authoright
  10. Read Media
  11. Kew Publicity
  12. Midas PR
12 Uk Book Marketing Services For Authors (Best In 2024)

1. Silverwood Books

1. Silverwood Books

Silverwood Books is a book marketing service based in Bristol that offers;

  • book publishing
  • formatting
  • marketing services.

They have author-designed service packages that help tailor your publishing and marketing plans to suit your budget. Silverwood allows authors of any genre on their platform as an all-book-service provider. Under the leadership of Helen Hart, a world-renowned author, Silverwood has excelled in leveling the ground for all authors with their flexible service packages.

You can get in touch with Silverwood Books here to discuss the best marketing package for your book today.

2. Cameron Publicity & Marketing

12 Uk Book Marketing Services For Authors (Best In 2022)

Cameron Publicity & Marketing company was founded by Ben Cameron in 2006 and is based in Piccadilly, London. It offers marketing and promotion services for book authors, including children’s books, e-books, business books, board games, cards, etc.

Cameron Publicity & Marketing also helps you write your press releases and organizes all your radio and TV appearances as and if you choose these in your marketing package. You can also choose to sell your book in Ireland or other countries around the globe, and Cameron Publicity & Marketing will help you market it in these countries.

You can get in touch with Cameron Publicity & Marketing by filling out this form for more details on how best to market your book.

3. PR For Books

12 Uk Book Marketing Services For Authors (Best In 2022)

PR For Books is best known for helping authors achieve their book marketing goals in all areas of media in the UK and beyond. This book marketing service creates targeted promotion strategies designed especially for your book. Your book gets sufficient mentions and reviews in magazines, newspapers online, radio and TV, and international media outlets.

PR FOR Books is presentlly running a half-price book promotion package for all authors. You can also get your book marketing, promotions, and distribution extended internationally through PR for Books connections by paying an extra £99 to cover over 230 countries.

You can reach out to PR For Books here to start marketing your book.

4. Palamedes PR

Palamedes Pr

Widely known for bagging celebrity authors in the UK and US, Palamedes is a UK-based book marketing and promotion service provider. This company was founded and is run by former journalists and publicists who bring their experience in media and connections to Palamedes.

Palamedes offers you book marketing and promotion service packages based on whether you are a fiction or non-fiction writer. These packages include TV & radio interviews, national press coverage, book reviews, op-eds, and Q&A sessions with the media.

For new authors or writers looking to build their profiles afresh, Palamedes offers author promotion and profile building services. These services include the packages offered to seasoned writers, and additional website design, branding, and social media content and management services.

Fill out this contact form to sign up with Palamedes book marketing services today.

5. Bounce Sales & Marketing

If you have published and want to promote a children’s book, Bounce Sales & Marketing is for you. Bounce Sales & Marketing is a book promotion and marketing service provider specializing in selling children’s books. 

With a team of 19 sales reps dedicated to their work, you can be sure your book will easily get into the hands of young readers all over the UK. Bounce Sales & Marketing also works closely with librarians and schools and exhibits at local and national events to ensure your children’s book is visible where it should be.

If you have a complete children’s book or one that’s in the works and needs specially targeted marketing services, contact Bounce Sales & Marketing here today.

6. The Book Publicist

The Book Publicist is a London-based book marketing service provider specializing in promoting non-fiction books. This company only helps promote authors and works within self-development, business, and management writing fields.

The Book publicist is big on building the profiles of their writers while marketing their books. Among the services they offer in their packages include:

  • Serialization of books.
  • Securing interviews on TV and radio.
  • Organizing commentaries and guest writing opportunities in UK-based publications.

If you are a new author, The Book Publicist can also help you create a social media presence for your book and assist with creating digital content for your online platforms. If The Book Publicist sounds like your ideal book marketing partner, you can contact them here.

7. Smith Publicity

Smith Publicity is a world-renowned book marketing service with roots in the United States of America. Founded in 1997 by Dan Smith, then an inexperienced freelance writer, Smith Publicist has grown in leaps and bounds owing to its popularized marketing philosophy of authors using their books as their business cards.

Smith Publicity takes authors of all genres under their wing, offering custom-designed packages that include author promotion, publicity, book promotion, and marketing services.

Smith Publicity also helps authors to self-publish. If you are yet to publish your book, you can contact them here and get a custom-tailored package for publishing and marketing your book locally and internationally.

8. AuthorAMP

AuthorAMP is a book marketing and advertising company based in London. Founded in 2013 by Kris Barnes, this company stands out among other book marketing services in the UK because it accepts all types of authors regardless of their genre.

You can get book marketing services from AuthorAMP at any time, whether you are self-published or traditionally published. Capitalizing on Kris Barnes experience in media, AuthorAMP will help you promote your book on social media, TV & radio, newspapers, and other media outlets as you wish.

You can contact AuthorAMP today to get started on your book marketing.

9. Authoright

If you are a new writer with no prior knowledge of the tricks and trades of publishing or marketing a book, then Authoright could be your marketing service. Authoright is a London-based book marketing service founded in 2007 by Gareth Howard and Hayley Radford out of the need for Gareth to market his book as a new author.

With their deep understanding of the struggles new writers go through to get their books published or marketed in the UK, Authoright offers you media coverage for your book on broadcast media, podcasts, print media, and online.

Authoright also works with Click street to help unpublished authors get published. They can help you get your book cover designed and formatted, media appearances and publicity campaigns organized, and your book marketing website designed at a 70% royalty discount off their regular book marketing charges. Contact Authoright here to enjoy the royal discount.

10. Read Media

Read Media is an Oxford-based book marketing service that can help you promote your book all over the UK and internationally. Katie Read, a self-trained and established publicist, founded this company. Read Media boasts the combined efforts of 2 other accomplished publicists with a passion for books in their marketing team.

Read Media offers you tailor-made packages that include publicity and coverage in print, broadcast, online media, consultancy, and profile management. Read Media also offers you media training services so you can attend interviews and promote your book even after your book marketing contract with them is complete.

Contact Read Media here today if you wish to explore and approach your book marketing the Katie Read way.

11. Kew Publicity

Kew Publicity is a UK-based book marketing service headed by Jane Beaton, an accomplished publicist who formerly headed the publicity department at HarperCollins UK. Kew Publicity has been in operation since it launched in 2009 and has successfully promoted books by celebrity authors like David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, and Baroness Julia Neuberger, to name but a few.

Kew Publicity offers book marketing services for authors of all genres and accepts traditionally published authors and self-published authors under their wing. You can sign up with Kew Publicity by filling out this form to get bespoke publicity in the media for your book, organized live events like a book launch, and participation in literary festivals around the country.

12. Midas PR

Midas PR is an established book marketing service also based in London. Made up of a team of art enthusiasts and with celebrity authors like Priyanka Chopra under their wing, this company may be just what you need to get your book off shelves.

Midas offers you serialization, book launches and signing events, UK tours, placements in broadcast and print media, and virtual events for your book. Midas accepts authors of all genres and offers you publishing services alongside their marketing services.

If you wish to give your book the Midas touch, contact Midas PR here.